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We get rid of the hung century. Three secrets from Olya Sumskaya – awaking All to dobra. Release 996 of 06.04.17  See details »

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  • 00:00: increasing the age at your eyes instead spectacular shooter appear black Points via you are trying hide impending eyelid is solved this problem really easy You can use Beauty tips from unmatched actress and TV presenter simply beautiful Olga Sumy and we Marinko Shevchenko We will learn why relevant to the marina the problem is I'm here looking at her even I can not understand always better to prevent and
  • 00:30: then it is I see his mom that and takes care of herself and cream that is all but all that I can see that the problem in it already I understand and pommel that Jean except I want to want to like This is not a show plant the problem still prevention is better Th then dispose these drooping eyelids this is the most delicate skin and it is with age It becomes a elastic and not so
  • 01:00: flexible you looking at his mom's This sagging century at She began to emerge after 40 to 45 dozens It occurs with age we have this fight my beautician He advised me three habits that just walked in my the rhythm of life I I understand that that's the three boxes of it as just hidden all here secret in my family always so that's how I He taught his fellow Ukrainian cooking I put the soup a plate Mom's delicious borscht in front of her and
  • 01:31: said dota she guess from what ingredient is increase sims Kiev she she ingredients guessing about such small thinking she better I learned how to cook borscht brilliant mom and teacher but Marinochka remember forever If I do this again the same tone of Izzet times my head It will be three tasks you need Marinochka and will fulfill all find my
  • 02:01: Secrets and if you something my dear do not Run time will penalty penalty will be I want to ask to our assistant He brought out all the necessary It helps a smile I hope this is my First you need to sekretik Marinochka you see This ice cube but apparently it is quite jiang will go but now it turned you must determine
  • 02:32: Melt the cube ice call ingredient which is located inside the cube ice If you correctly call this I'll ingredient you as his course also apply you're drowning drowning I could never Marisha think that you're here by samples for cooking courses and brow once yearly pomfret Mariska nothing I
  • 03:02: Do not confuse We have fond memories grandfather at our windowsill times I know a couple of vazonchik ZHIVA awesome heal me if he heals the represent it positive effect our hair and on our skin and especially on the skin of our eyelids so open box number one and both opa what Secret number one is cryotherapy cold cold but they
  • 03:33: molds for ice I'll Marinochka I invite to this place closer to the plate for you it accustomed to to prepare cosmetic ice us must mineral water and we mix milk these ingredients ratio of one to one Marisha's it mineral Vodicka has a calf milk of the mix and the road spoon mix I do not horoshenechko I make a mistake
  • 04:03: why why still mineral Vodicka it clean and It has here these here cartoons as the dawn that our row skin aloe juice add 4 is not tea spoons of pure juice Aloe in our water all it's good stir and pour into a mold ice our mix just and pour her a canyon Well of course you have it doing housework alive and different as a variety of desserts home and here and so
  • 04:34: it can be unloaded ed and actually put our mold in the freezer all the night aerator we obtain from freezer a ready cube of our beautiful ingredients that's not every cream we can quietly here and so cause every Scrub all this most do we place so it is gently in a circular movements like this movement not in this side and precisely because it
  • 05:04: muscles arranged so it goes it's a corner Eye and thanks cooling effect decreases puffiness and aloe juice nourishes the skin our age and suddenly it It is too cold and you will uncomfortable and you do not you can use this snow each woman for the sake of beauty and in order to avoid killed century attached tickled I you say we are women to yourself be loved will make beautiful
  • 05:34: Sasha wants and hot and cold I personally I do flower and this is not the last Only the first secret I turn to the second ask your assistant bear ingredients the second task so Marinochka thank Thank you Wow Wow you and it's here Step number two skin moisturizing around eyes you need to call Mari Shing these three plants do you have just one minute this Penquin girls
  • 06:09: removal portion to VAT and To be honest I have never never seen cocoa beans Well head over heels Baba and umnichka but What do you as a robot it constantly cocoa beans yes yes I though we see a collage so I introduce him and go to third ingredient and a third ingredient girls are but familiar smell
  • 06:39: certainly something to cinnamon but not sure the third ingredient I I give up this sandal since temari Shichko I do not guess I'll ask his assistant be punished for thank you how are you I think that this is what I I began with some well hence my Marinochka Dress well ochochkah as well as punishment Marisha continue to cook
  • 07:09: everything else in these glasses oh usa sho tse mastershef continues to open box number two, I quietly box number two these are the ingredients for moisturizer that we prepare do we need cocoa butter ca. sandalwood oil fennel oil from the villages These three ingredients which Marinochka I guessed them from
  • 07:39: with it, it's all in the composition of this mask so it's amazing it will be the cream Moisturizer our oil and cream need to melt the cocoa in a water bath We are now included I thought I was replaced by stints in mouth will shiva understands turn plate here we steam bath charge 100 gram cocoa butter is sold each pharmacy but you can not weighing skalyariki amarige here stop games have well let's boldly
  • 08:09: it is heated water bewitched I must say that this just wonderful ingredients cosmetology we can freely and so most diamond importantly available at the price of the course Marinochka very strange looks when you so talk can we have spare Marisha sorry have life mighty uchetki for such shooting or cocoa beans Nanan longer mine I miscalculated on we add 4 drops sandalwood oil I
  • 08:39: I want to remind that it's still aromatic oils and with him must be very if you are cautious add him more it will burn and essential oil fennel April 3 drops that's the way you are noticed that these two they are not accidental oil combined flavor but let's say you will add to Sandalova mu oil Rose does not like thee ie Dissonance understand and mask
  • 09:09: It causes some rejection even flavor not immediately ready to cook girl is ready only one serving of cream here this tiny jar immediately clear that is to let it age You do not confuse and such a small jars with a mask you enough for a month I'm here for myself and my mother and and so many Now how Marisha melted before you 1 year grabbed safeguard correctly refrigerator and all Herbal creams tweezers clamp straight I feel
  • 09:39: our pharmacist cream It cools down and in the morning we We have already received just such a Now we just mix that's lukewarm finger and took put on the eyelid skin cream begins to melt and soak in the way we we can put enough volumetric the amount of cream to still more and nourish our eyelid skin but by no means case not to straight as much flowed cream you can not wash away after some time to put safely make It means first cryo then this procedure cream and there is another secret Vares
  • 10:10: open box drop hh is nothing that Olenka not so simple, and so so our assistant again fully armed and makes reference number 3 number of shares assistant straights it but dozing for shooting and you are his and I met you see such tablets but such at Cossack has prompted the letter g and on and on we sun on well
  • 10:42: what did you say. for the age that they do not droop is best These exercises do sitting exercise room one shut eyes without opening them look maximally up and then down to repeat five times up and down Exercise number two blink raise head and look
  • 11:12: the most up staying in a The provisions of subsection blinking over 30 seconds We started feel like a century yes yes stretch of tires Submission 3 take head back century squeeze as much as possible so stay 5 seconds repeat the exercise 5-7 times you have clamped do come here but th
  • 11:44: well conclude Marinochka now you you know, all three secrets impressions It should be the most liked I liked everything all available and confidently effectively because yes it is checked lanes on you and you do not Forget mo bowl and a secret with mom share and creams front right thanks huge embellishment [applause] [music] [music]