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  • 00:00: Parshin and soul and znovu solar get rid of small facial wrinkles under the eyes will help ordinary sandwich butter my claims beautician girlfriend Olga Metelskaya Well, how is that possible find out a little chat Now with regard to facial wrinkles under the eyes of this I think the problem absolutely everyone relating to the following 25 years there are first
  • 00:30: the signs of aging and when we have 30-35 We start here for it business strongly and survived that's somehow me client came to to learn effective effective recipe in order to care for the skin around eyes because she allergy goes on some exotic there is an allergy extract fruits and even more on shops and creams to Hyaluronic Cream acid gave swelling with collagen and a little and I pulled and here you sit you drink tea sandwiches and
  • 01:00: say applies time and so was helped I very nearly recipe This well remembered and because I have a house is a huge library with Traditional recipes I and told that to do and she so to say here held small Course just two she made 10 weeks masks and we can see the result absolutely obvious that fine mimic lines that a little spoiled appearance is not smooth and
  • 01:30: radiant skin and we now we are beginning done this miracle masochku I already knew that the rye bread and butter is basic ingredients this amazing means of expression a lot of bread vitamins and vitamin b vitamin E. vitamin pp Furthermore lysine is present which is just responsible for quality our skin is responsible for regeneration restore it and will base ingredient of our mask perfectly next ingredient this is a common milk we
  • 02:00: it take about and half a glass We warmed up to it we had a little bit lukewarm fat content of milk is values fatter the better but my client It uses ordinary home milk above but still oil fat fat milk not be too bold but we have bread which is very well itself incorporates Now this excess fat this lovers sandwiches with butter always tell the spirit Lion also absorbs all all living creatures and jokes but Olechka
  • 02:30: repeatedly told about how meticulous care It requires area around the eyes because what was the most probably dry skin yes yes there is no subcutaneous fat fiber skin is very thin vessels located close enough to a result, our skin 1 and under the eyes suffers to some temperature needed heat the milk so that the milk lukewarm about 37 38 degrees that is how young children take a teaspoon and look where he so
  • 03:00: here's finger or dig right here at the skin of his hands is absolutely true in this case, once we we feel the heat voila all our milk that is ready actually What happened further and further, we We prepare our bread we We need to start remove the crust because that the skin around the eyes We have a very gentle and please tell me if contraindications this mask Well on rye bread as a Allergies usually not It is to milk as Generally, if we
  • 03:30: apply topically Nothing we did not bad happens with butter 0 you know that it not allure other products and Now we add a little bit of milk our foundation so that get a nice pulp milk is very It takes good care our skin It makes the skin soft silky little brightens well It is working with vessels We wait until the rye bread absorbs milk and
  • 04:00: the next stage we just add 1 teaspoon butter little mash milk warm butter just spreads and the next two ingredient for that I need to go to pharmacy this vitamin oil and oil and vitamins we need 10 drops Vitamin A is about half teaspoon Vitamin A is good synthesizes generation its own collagen and vitamin E. It makes our skin more supple
  • 04:30: It works well with our vessels and if we were dark circles gradually they leave 20 droplets fairly fat still mask and if it turns out facial skin is oily problems because it does not will we pre-skin persons in this case, wipe some herbal tonic for example using chamomile or trees stir until a homogeneous slurry Mask ready so we We will use it we need our mask
  • 05:00: lay out on the basis of we take the bandage ordinary screw cut off length 15-20 centimeters fold in half then we spread little wife and kitty could nanoshu hair spread dense enough layer and the size patty something like a cotton drive and proper saying this one here miracle we compress and applied on clean skin in the eye but this
  • 05:30: it to me please a piece of bandage I'm just here to I put it without mask clear that weighing me now It is not very convenient I turn a blind eye relaxing This time, and lie and 2 l network 15 to compress two Komi then carefully finished I lifted can not be dropped, and our masochka easily leaves it is ideal as a often use this masochku as client wanted
  • 06:00: to this course more intense it applied and for five consecutive days then was the weekend it rested and again it intensively I used this mask to preparing mask small wrinkles eye us It needs crumb rye bread butter Oil and Vitamin A oil and vitamins milk clean rye bread from brown mash add some warm milk to turned mush Put 1 teaspoon spoon butter
  • 06:31: oil, add 10 oil drops 20 drops of Vitamin A Oil Vitamin E all carefully stir place on the basis of gauze and Our mask is ready to application Apply mask to cleansed face for 10-15 after then remove we wash warm water and causes withdrawal vy cream reaching 1 cosmetic effect, we need to use our mask within two weeks a breeding hydrating mask
  • 07:01: simply ideal for skin around eye Olya thank you great [music]