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iris sculptural painting

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Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: so I cut plenochku our Look done to fluff up our fiber of made anthers Now we do and sand iris and barrel stalk stalk petals in a forest We are the market's such as whether you are here
  • 00:31: I hope seen caring on his way toning secret with green paint one hand green color
  • 01:02: add a little hand We know here so here it is and from shade reviled sand fly to insert and you as well as yes
  • 01:32: We attach my little favorite word a little horror find the words Of course in the balance they are tough but I want to wave add liveliness such as not dead load and thereby volume of steam is passed
  • 02:03: pilot chubby wanna kill there's a time as well as market toning and green
  • 02:33: yellow Now bear Kanye not carrying conveniently yellow extreme Zelenin
  • 03:10: fasten my scalpel and then add side and there has not enough to [music] how does it do
  • 03:44: I do Tonirujushchaja your purchased and green cooler usual construction And I bought here Such are the things I just do not like but as long as I'm alive nothing I did not come up with him spray spray can be his base
  • 04:17: and here we would like continued our petals were verge of them that have it 3 can be oh as
  • 04:47: new homes handed over color study looking
  • 05:30: I think the bright the light on to the clay him to do simply insert the back
  • 06:19: because that's not seen in, and then I put say so in I have a picture of us He promised little
  • 06:50: flowers man show Natasha as I do small I do this tidy I got there just and nowhere is there forming tell here's this here how to show you where same here
  • 07:26: ax how do I make a small small size not only called We do run well Such are the small playing patty t n approx doing here did look stretched caught Paschke
  • 07:56: on dimples since form its leaf can also a little small give here and so please channel. do the same
  • 08:32: such springs small-small and can be even smaller, I to make bigger you could see you You can do more shallower you can immediately beautify you can touch up then hold droplet droplet here I took hold of the tip of the droplets and here that's it so is how pull lepestochek have pulled
  • 09:04: not cool but the end brush making this depth drink It can be a bit on the land drink here bailiffs then go the same way we do depression pulling tips they are thin try me cries
  • 09:34: Mom made the sand raising about you kombat not dumplings we lay [music] just do, and if ipad no petals
  • 10:05: Drains can be basically here give texture moisten it so widow viewed artistically tinker can already all the girls a Day shooting breaks cut and left easy this I tired of talking over there you can not small petals even seredinochku
  • 10:37: insert because it does not we are under his paint here and so We do and pull be one color like this in this way shade there I understand this midway to the top You can paint over it
  • 11:11: , the light if you want hydrangea I decided some not here's how to show seredinochku zheltenkie we [music] such a direct reading such water can course over
  • 11:41: small leaves these flowers on and the rear is always more work than on large here look Here is such a so to say live you as a bell We go to the bell light lopochet reaches show golden bell
  • 12:11: Look, I do tube like button it's a drop of a look here a drop of I I am doing here here here such droplet yes see I have Top new can brush use here urine and ate the tip inside look like We start so that's
  • 12:42: way to deepen deepen the tip stretch look so convenient to take I stretched out on their fingers So here you can insert the stamens inside there paint
  • 13:12: and zholtenkim seredinochku a tough guard touch up and the edges surrendered killed Kim oh-oh-oh lilac money Look here Well that's just bad such a small flower was beautiful you pulled stebelochek
  • 13:44: we did not come out so well there was this need you and so do not need sometimes you just want somehow revive in add picture any little thing Now I have a rose I wanted to here such here there is something here just on such a rose here flowers these little corners here we draw out tips tweezers well
  • 14:15: pull simply labeled all such a beautiful on where this picture picture and the tailoring picture we are now night and I'm his Well I'll put everything out there here will be the bottle and this one
  • 14:49: the path will be h floret I need it here I do not know Of course the guys here Now do not look gas and all but thank you you very much for thank you note the kind your words I
  • 15:22: so glad that I there is that you are cordial and sincere please contact me so much words so I'm so happy you Be with me always All the best happiness and joy Have a good mood Your Jean you perego till