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  • 00:00: Hello to you rolling and you're on the channel tasty fingers lickin today we are with you prepare very tasty and most importantly very helpful pumpkin cottage cheese casserole and the first thing we need to do it is clear from the pumpkin seed as well as from the skin I I have already done so and Now chop in small pieces We made pumpkin
  • 00:30: we will be running too and so now I'm taking baking dish I carpeted Put the foil pumpkin and here again Cover with foil in an oven at 180 degrees around 30 minutes and bake pumpkin
  • 01:02: and the softness and pumpkin caked and cool it Bake me Half an hour in the meantime pumpkin cools until I I'll vorogov add eggs add eggs add sugar add semolina
  • 01:41: add yogurt Now carefully blender, all I do is Knead if you No blender is you can do normal spoon so I have a good
  • 02:14: whipped blender yk 2 I want to say that if you do not have a blender, you will stir a spoon all ingredients that I previously I recommend you cottage cheese skip all the same through a sieve in order that was homogeneous mass that was not cheese lumps I did blender so through a sieve I does not fray and support Now with cheese other I ingredients I leave for 10-15 minutes to decoy swollen pumpkin speckle is not cool I
  • 02:46: and I put jealousy will find pumpkin and I are crushed blender puree if you do not have a blender use facilities where you daredevils potatoes terra So as you I grind pen add the eggs here sugar
  • 03:16: really and semolina already here is not added to Unlike curds and all this carefully mix this weight I
  • 04:08: get too liquid look so I decided add flour two times more He has added another 3, and I add 3 to to a little thicken the dough well, refer to the depending on consistency which you happened because still it depends on pumpkin urgency it is very juicy but this can be occur here such The situation consistency can be very terrible all We reserve 10-15 minutes to decoy
  • 04:39: swelled 15 minutes passed semolina swelled form for baking raised Butter paper slightly grease sunflower oil now we will shape casseroles casserole we spread layers from the first layer we will have cheese I could not lay off express and flatten first layer the next layer Put the pumpkin
  • 05:09: like this thin layer flatten pumpkin So I posted the second and a layer of an enemy last layer 4 is pumpkin and fill it flatten
  • 05:40: So we formed our casserole like You see it happen big enough so if you You want to do less and on zapekanochka size is possible reduce the amount of ingredients well about twice put previously Preheat the oven to 180 degrees and bake from 30 to 40 minutes casserole ready Bake it at at 180 degrees 40 minutes subject to the full cooling and then you can try pumpkin cottage cheese casserole
  • 06:11: cool and now you can her to get out of shape necessarily extract and form and after she cool because when he began to hot she is able to enough so to speak false and unstable and after it cool you much easier and will separated from the mold not to damage because the zapekanochka itself a very, very
  • 06:41: I tender my friends I shifted out of shape pudding on a tray I want to say that shift Of course it was not easy because casserole produces tender Right here in the feeling as the soufflé so She is very gentle well propeklas while according to the the top layer of it juicy enough very tender really feeling that just like Online souffle turned out here such Here we have the edges ikalos she had me 40 minutes at
  • 07:15: at 180 degrees is such incredible beauty turned and now I will cut and our zapekanochka I will show you how it is section look knife is just like clockwork just the gentlest casserole turned just like a souffle today we see what it is in very
  • 07:45: interesting look what casserole turned several layers of very gentle air Now I'll try it and I tell what she taste now I I tried both tick and tell I'll tell you what she looks just the gentlest
  • 08:15: affectionately as souffle friends and I on I tried casserole, and I want say that this casserole itself tenderness it's incredible tender and tasty casserole that's just like if you were eat some soufflés very pleasant layer curd mass
  • 08:46: She is very gentle due to the fact that we killed by blender mandatory or through a Wipe the curd or interrupt through blender uniform sweetish weight very tasty pumpkin layer It turned out very well tasty and tender casserole very juicy and tender so I heartily I recommend you try this the recipe is not lazy at least once
  • 09:16: prepare and try to believe You have such a casserole well, just win especially lovers cheese and casseroles lovers of dishes pumpkin It turned out not just tasty and nice but still awesome so useful indulge yourself and your close this incredible and delicious pastries and pleasant your appetite at