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5 chair exercises which will reduce your stomach while you sit!  See details »

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  • 00:07: hi I'm denise austin here's some easy exercises that you could do for the waistline sitting right there at your office they're easy and everybody can do them let's begin pull your knee in and take it down in and take it down you're pulling through the abdominals sucking in the gut pulling the navel to the spine and using your abdominals to pull
  • 00:30: it up this is a great ab exercise that actually gets the lower tummy to so nice and tall pull it feel your tummy contracting engage the ABS okay let's take it to the next level give this one a try pull it in and out and in and out this one's a little more advanced but give it a try because it really works the whole tummy the front of your abs the rectus abdominis muscle pull it in and out two
  • 01:00: more last one and now let's work the sides of the waistline the obliques pull in to the side pull in cinch in that waist line pull in so there's easy things that you could do to target on that tummy we all need to work on that waistline right that's the area we all have problems because we're sitting too much and not get in enough aerobic exercise so these are easy simple things that you could do to just help that waistline turn to the other side and pull in and out that's it really pull feel it
  • 01:33: you should cinch in the waistline pull it in and out if you just do a few of these they really help you that's one okay and release now let's rotate the waistline that's another area of the body you should work on through the rotation simple ways to keep the circulation going through the spy since your spine is your lifeline you got to keep it healthy keep it strong
  • 02:00: circulation is the key and now let's reach to the floor and up reach to the floor and up grey for those love handles that we hate great just work that waist twist and let keep your feet flat on the floor and try not to do this if you're having wheels on your chair it's a little harder so make sure you're stable and you're safe that's the key two more last one and release now for
  • 02:31: those of you that really want to challenge yourself give this one a try hold your knees up hold it up hold it up you could do it you could do it come on come on come on my good old friend Jack LaLanne used to do this and he's strong okay and release take a nice deep breath and exhale enjoy your day by toning and slimming right there at your office