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  • 00:00: [music] Good day dear subscribers and visitors channel fruitful garden with you Tatiana I'm glad all welcome to your channel today's video I I want to show you easy recipe cooking is very delicious cake from pumpkin for this prescription us You need a glass coarsely grated grated pumpkin cup of flour can
  • 00:30: sifted can be no cup sugar sand who does not like sweet you can refill smaller to taste 3 eggs floor teaspoon of baking soda slaked vinegar can be may be lemon juice who as I used to and a bit vanillin here literally at the tip knife First of all we whisk eggs sugar is It can be done manually It can be done mixer or
  • 01:00: blender add slaked clown More little whisk [applause] I learned flour can be gradually it can be all at once It has someone as comfortable and continue whisking [music]
  • 01:30: I add the dough completely a little on vinyl and add pumpkin coarsely grated grater can now manually stir well test The finished dough pouring baking dish [music]
  • 02:00: Now form baking set in preheated oven and bake at at 180 about 25-30 degrees twenty minutes Five minutes cake It looks like this is how to to check baked cake rhinitis it refers to any cake I toothpick or match check pen that is, and in the center I omit a toothpick and to see if no toothpick test It means the cake is already baked 25-30
  • 02:33: minutes cake completely ready to wait until it cools down and we'll get it is here so pumpkin pie He looks ready see you see this cake really very easy and fast preparing it may optionally be decorate the top of any cream it can be sour cream chocolate boiled can be whipped cream can be sprinkled
  • 03:01: nuts You can also itself dough add nuts dried apricots and raisins that is all that you like optional also if added here or lemon zest the orange flavor will be completely another in the operator that is different additives can vary the taste of this recipe I recommend to everyone try this very simple and delicious healthy recipe if you like my today do not forget the recipe
  • 03:31: like and put subscribe to my channel and harvest Harut with you was Tatiana all in all all good Bon Appetit and all bye bye [music]
  • 04:06: [music]