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Knots for attachment of a rope to a carbine. Knots in an arboristika

Knots for attachment of a rope to a carbine. Knots in an arboristika  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello friends there was little free time and I decided to dedicate it the continuation of the cycle video about nodes today will talk about nodes used to rope tying for carabiner on the information I I stumbled considering videos and learn material resort ballistics basically all there speed three knots By the way who do not vkurse to find this section mountaineering where engaged in caring for tree that is partial or cropping
  • 00:31: complete removal trees respectively fish sheet is a climber which deals little trees is different equipment and machinery features use sites but rather there looking video found that the roller they are used mainly for three nodes tying the lungs carabiner all three nodes I had already try to put tree today I tell you about features hosts advantage disadvantages and convenience
  • 01:01: utilization So we begin first I want to say in these sites do not have principle that new one of the nodes to generally we came from maritime affairs to anchor node the other two classical knots which are in literature in any any directory on they simply nodes adapted to it is in this the use that is tying the lungs carbines start with as the anchor node the name implies zil came to us from
  • 01:31: maritime affairs used to rope tying to anchor and tie in the following way threaded chassis end-to-carbine making slag after then return runner Bitter End and we do a run-out the bitter end a hot end of the nose We do from the bitter end there are no side from the loop the bitter end top of this situation and introduce running end in
  • 02:00: formed two loop get the anchor node is now on merits node The first is simply that knot tying and ease of memorization the second is the fact that here in the two coils except carbine we is still running end of the rope that both you see increases rounding radius The more pitches rounding radius rope the less strength reduction Now near the ropes the shortcomings the first drawback It is sticking to
  • 02:30: side of this one end who actually properly must still form here Control unit on but the end of its stroke videos where use it American baristas and they tied this way they It lets do it soft ropes because then as well assembly delayed for carabiner and no risk unleashing itself on
  • 03:00: tight as a rope the lack of a second this site is something which is hard rope here this loop reset and node can spontaneously untie you you understand anything good about Basically a node the right to life, and I am his I used when work on the tree but I used in any as I had I used for form a loop who jumped on barrel that is reinsured to trunk
  • 03:30: as such node lying on the trunk statically do not fidget and he always in plain sight so you here on the control and so it is not scared to use But in principle, they are all sweet advantage node which is not able to detect and proceed to Review the next node second node that we'll consider This selective assembly better known by called three It represents a three tied
  • 04:00: a hot end rope around the bitter end, and thereby forming manner tightening the noose in which the caramel for more will demonstrate immediately to the carabiner So tying introduce free rope end carabiner We do turn that is to form a loop around indigenous end and now I Coil end of the input under this loop over here Now look at what
  • 04:30: you see happen We have assembly stirrup tied around around indigenous Now the end slipknot tighten a loop and receive unit related to the carabiner The advantages of unit is more reliability compared to and previous to this in
  • 05:00: Basically all as You see estati.co species It leaves much to be better and in this form very hard determined visually control correctly tying knot This is the first flaw the second node shortcoming God protruding end who will be I work a little bit I think interfere so overall impression of the site Well, I imagine that is I do not particularly knot I liked it in do not use the if you like
  • 05:31: if the site can I attracted to you Decide yourself already he needs you or not the last one in this consider three of My most successful view this node fishing unit who looked past my video about binding of two ropes may remember audio greypayn which has alternative double title fisherman's knot and so fisherman's knot represents half of this node bottom line is that to the running
  • 06:00: end around the rope the bitter end tie fishing forming the assembly thus tightens loop in which all paragraph Robin and so for clarity show tying the knot immediately to the carabiner introduce free end carabiner and tying the running end-run around indigenous fishing node this is done in the following way makes one revolution formed round the second turn and that's
  • 06:33: these formed two turns threaded chassis end of the rope with sides the opposite Bitter end we obtain fishing node which in turn turn form tightening the noose as I have said and tighten knot on carbine is now let's talk about
  • 07:00: benefits of this host The first undisputed the most important advantage of this node node reliability unlike the previous two did not most prone to unleashing his You may be left without control without fear that he let you down under load only the node delayed second Node is an advantage its compactness compactness and type node aesthetics orderly compact and beautiful visually easy determine it is correct tying with
  • 07:30: little experience tied this knot at a glance enough to to understand whether there is an error in knot tying and third advantage is unlike the previous two components running end that It goes parallel Bitter End is not laterally protrudes in previous two nodes and in parallel the bitter end that favorably affects ergonomics of the site has this end sticking facing side
  • 08:01: parallel Bitter End is not interfere in the work I This unit has attracted most and I use and I basically it lack of site is that after work its hard to untie that is, it delayed becomes very dense and untie but it is problematic given his I think dignity it is possible to close eyes on it all
  • 08:30: Thank you for watching do not forget subscribe to a reference channel at the top who display I liked the video is not we forget to put Like you safe work to new meetings in the new video all while