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To knitters in a moneybox. Incredibly beautiful pattern for a cap. Master class.  See details »



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  • 00:00: Hello, I Natalia Pinchuk and I in this video like you share I found interesting pattern I ' liked his to knit it is very easy fit and I want you show how he fit because all his problematically but put show how We are knitted loop as turned such pattern I want with you made to share Master Class well, let's Watch it fit very simple and here
  • 00:34: the reverse side of this I'm a little show on it and then I'll show you a sample I will show you how easy it is fit
  • 01:22: then show slowly just here to you We realized that there is nothing I see it complicated
  • 01:31: thick needles he rather a but if you are trailing knit on thicker it will have tighter tight recruit 12 loops for sample
  • 02:10: and knit 1 shooting front Wrong so until the end of the series 2 series too, as well as seeing gum and it is a single
  • 02:30: we have more to it knitting process does not I can go back on press already knit basic pattern is simply the beginning of the second row too quickly provyazyvaem
  • 03:00: that's the last seamy edge he begin [music] in the bottom row seamy loop needle sticks and pull
  • 03:31: pull and do nakida here and that these provyazyvaem two loops with facial again to the bottom run the needle and pulling nakida 2
  • 04:05: along the front so on if you suddenly something wrong it is necessary to dissolve of the back of a number of I then show because
  • 04:31: there are fewer loops Here you can see how increases and the number of loops here if you correct a mistake can be confused maybe they can all clear so that's how it lower loop seamy
  • 05:00: take out Now we have that Get on the wrong side and we gather here This we we nakida it provyazyvaem face but these 2 purl we
  • 05:32: provyazyvaem that is wrong provyazyvaem two loops sc front and two the wrong face wrong Now we get compared with that we have the number of loops again the same as the before the start of knitting so if you do correct a mistake
  • 06:00: We need to dissolve the water this series but you see I do yet I learned too well, repeatedly but it was wrong easy, I'm not afraid I do not dismiss the terribly let down and tied right front I see how poorly I see you can knit it tightly it's like someone like
  • 06:34: Now that is a hand It has not happened pattern should be a couple of species to have happened that's so then again in We pierce here take out layout and 2 together
  • 07:03: recipe 5 [applause] Nesterov them together see how it fine knit
  • 07:31: to the end of the series was It is seen here as well obtained try to get great pleasure in he just fit and also Carnot looks well here Look, I knit even as a backing If that's correct here on the front
  • 08:02: somewhere there was a error we will see yes let's say we were binding a back row and We see here somewhere error useless there is something to look but can disrupt general This pattern is simply We take and take off here so let's here somewhere on the error personal we shoot that's all purl and this one
  • 08:31: front row front a number we are shooting and we get select loops on needle strung loop on the needle bug fixes knit already again attentive but that's Now it is clear how it is not necessary to correct
  • 09:01: try from the inside there or from the front somewhere something but just fix just here to dissolve one row to the wrong side and were binding on the new I afford it tried But when I do not it turned out and I chose such a move is that slightly from to dissolve purl and start vyznat knit again than trying to raise have fled loop here
  • 09:31: Well, I wanted you But if you show pleasant place Like and share friends subscribe to my channel where you'll find many interesting not only knitting out there needlework and on preserve health health but its voluntary
  • 10:01: Pinchuk bye next meeting video