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  • 00:00: a master today class will do here are bonbonnieres Now with the help of a babe on toilet paper Last time I did a using tape Today we have made from Paper Adhesive based here such at I have bought from us it's all for 2 euros it as fix price look at yourself in
  • 00:30: the city and should be this paper like us past shows just show more barely add up That's how they then Bambi glass from warehouse just like that, we I need what that circle that I will show today closer to edge ended here you can see they do not like this just like that and from this side
  • 01:00: look carefully and from this side [music] I hope the store can be seen lazhi like this look and just as aid simple pencil we can safely draw is that we wind blows glue will mark It is seen by audio slightly pressed under not much superintendent
  • 01:31: but now it's done It can mean here Now we do this side of the same I decided to make but the new year, I want to Christmas tree do no clubs just make here are you fashion sunglasses there I I make chocolates and I hang on the Christmas tree will come
  • 02:01: guests I am with them one by one and every little thing Guests are served has such I have the jar the idea came such bomb sockeye suitable for children feast day Birth is possible Even Christine Only here do We need to hang small cross someone alive yes you are a snap
  • 02:33: girls sex just to find such a beautiful paper better on the adhesive based on the desired tape they sold [music] Done Done at I tknu not open pay attention there
  • 03:01: [music] can now be I glue paper already this paper cut off those Measure out the pieces [music] immediately thought [music] completely unnecessary
  • 03:31: [music] made ribbon aid [music] We see here we have spacer I ordered a 30 snack, these do only glue
  • 04:03: Now gently [music] let [music] there was no squeak [music] Here are the parts that little except possible trim can not
  • 04:30: [music] Now a gut-wrenching [music] if you do one all you have to get the hand and all you can do faster [music]
  • 05:02: all to do now see you can take just such a tape is 0 3 Yes millimeter here at I have little such a tape I'll take this this tape measure you can take silver if I have time to figure there are purple and take silver tape or purple or silver no other to
  • 05:30: [music] it looked extreme beautiful and harmonious so now laid [music] Pierce both sides [music] not yet on this side a little bit like this rounded shapes all Yes pride before on can close put here
  • 06:00: candy on the sixth I will look great my end in chocolates or to have I shut myself candies she asks, I found there can Butane can see
  • 06:37: [music] [music]
  • 07:03: So this bonbonniere we get very beautiful costs and lows so cute you can see and make the wedding beautiful there very much let me I can enjoy add here some little flower what a floor bead you already I fantasize themselves
  • 07:31: doing so and you already Add something from yourself if someone do send I picture I ' I wonder what you like you receive it happened so such you coin, and that you further added me the same fun and waiting for you in write comments you can still here add to such while I do honor your route comments
  • 08:00: added whether polubusiny silver any flower It can be anything small small us here so today I I turned to Grade 7 all thanks to all till [music] [applause] [music]
  • 08:32: [music]