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  • 00:00: [music] [applause] [music]
  • 00:43: [music] Hello to you Sasha Parkhomenko and you see my cooking channel today I will prepare royal cake cake on the recipe turns very beautiful It is such a fragrant
  • 01:00: gentle and adorably tasty in this the cake a wonderful flavoring mix well what let us quickly pressed preparation and you Now it Yourself make I prepare to start shortbread dough to flour add sugar zest orange and all mix well [music] add butter
  • 01:30: oil instead butter you you can take cream margarine butter in me out of the refrigerator and I had already sliced into pieces [music] Now all we It should be turned into crumb [music] baby's ready so here it is in my I turned out beautifully add egg yolks and how can
  • 02:01: faster kneading test test strongly long vymeshivat It is his main gather into a ball [music] The finished dough food wrap film and send it in refrigerator for 30 minutes [music] prepare dried fruits and nuts I'll use Dried prunes
  • 02:30: Such are the small Lemons and dried apricots walnuts You can use any dried fruit of your taste and any nuts on your taste dried fruits do not need to much finely chopped and nuts do not need much finely chopped [music]
  • 03:09: nuts and dried fruit as long as it is prepared all set aside back to the test it should roll out rectangular reservoir thickness approximately half I centimeter test will immediately roll on whose routine paper to then it was easier carry on pan
  • 03:34: [music] Roll out the dough flatten slightly his hands and He shifted to the size of the pan under the Venus me 30 40 Now centimeters the dough on top of need soil oneself apricot jam you can on or jam or marmalade or jam and can jam to take the taste just
  • 04:00: apricot jam it is more so here It looks nice yet if you have one jam will be the Here on the watery necessity add the one tablespoon potato starch [music] the basis for the cake I send baked in the pre Preheat the oven to 180 degrees will bake until semireadiness
  • 04:30: about 10-15 the basis for the minutes cake I I baked up semireadiness Look here's how Once the dough brighten and begin a wee bit the brown then it is time basis get out of the oven I have a basis for bake cake 10 minutes, but you better guided on to me through as each different ovens and in many ways they follow basis of the cake I leave it to a little cool and
  • 05:01: We need now prepare egg I'll be their proteins whisk with sugar Now I will start whipping proteins mixer will Such is the foam then I start portions add sugar and that moment when I add already full sugar protein sugar I will shake up before the time has not yet dissolve all sugar [music]
  • 05:32: egg whites whipped with sugar I shoot them down in for 5 minutes look at what you should have plenty of lush bright glossy look well as proteins It holds its shape here this should We get a lot of Now the beaten egg whites spread evenly across warm through [music]
  • 06:02: beaten egg whites evenly distributed throughout basis Now all this beauty we sprinkle trained dried fruits and nuts [music]
  • 06:34: cake completely with you shaft the world is now I send it bake in previously Preheat the oven to 200 degrees I will bake up readiness needed dough browned and that's It looks out on the sides and egg white as He becomes golden cake baked I have it bake purchase at more Ten minutes later I leave cakes to complete
  • 07:01: cooling cool cakes Now it needs to be cut into portioned pieces and can be supplied to the table [music] [music] royal cake ready it turned very beautiful
  • 07:30: a fragrant this wonderful cake really deserves the fact that you call it the king's look that's what it is I got to show you closer thin bottom crumbly shortbread dough Next comes a layer apricot jam what I told him Here's apricot zheltenkie jam It will help all look at this the cake is jam very good emphasizes taste
  • 08:00: further we go air sugary beaten egg whites they very soft and gentle on top of a lot of tasty useful dried fruits and walnuts nuts look here walnuts are slabsided get a very delicious I will now I show what it it turned out tender Look here's how it is an excerpt It breaks off already just drools indeed it
  • 08:30: cake turned very very tasty and prepared on the It is not very difficult and I hope you like recipe this cake and you cook it for himself and his family Assol installation and Parkhomenko look put my channel huskies write no comments necessarily sign up enjoy tea and until we meet again