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Tiled seams extend, we correct  See details »

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  • 00:00: so now I'll I tell you what to do when the flow look seams gradually begin scatter mean that many first of all theories no panic because we assume they tile spoons us why we are here masters of the situation everything is always possible for to something fix you need to know Why is this happening Our line is
  • 00:30: Suddenly there was a direct I began to drink and think that there is an arc we I began as a straight, to top of arch So I schematically about so he It was clear to eggs I am exaggerating of course not this has the air and Imagine how it goes we close it there tile goes here our joints they are expanding This arc will scatter what to do to it we need to fix
  • 01:02: this arc omit to our lines how even then up and a number of which we go and noted that the seams somehow we started we diverge We begin to lower a little starting from the center lower a little longer playing slowly output to the test How can I do that we can meet remove and swap until the end of their leave Here at the chart like this
  • 01:31: here and break through tiles tiles and we on the edge her under a cone like this that's thematically Bravo will draw it It is not directly from the course us here we place a cross here at the edge of one of us naturally it converge and thus we will do less this one seam and but what happens
  • 02:01: it's all the minimum certainly not to gain proportions and so can be like paradise lift the edge of the edge of our plate lift turn the cross to put, as it were in half if you did not get the first so next we see that still a lot of odds repeat in next Eventually wholly guarantee that they have align Well here is an example of such a theoretical
  • 02:32: in this way can be will take our divergence and was exit to normal