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Antiprigarny emulsion for greasing of baking dishes. The pastries itself will jump out of forms.  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello everyone today cooking non-stick emulsion Forms for lubrication Baking is a real lifesaver through which ready-baked never sticks to the walls not bedplate she dishes both magic uprygivaet form use the command stored for a long time prepare for minutes when you have not tried to prepare a emulsion strongly I recommend try composition recipe you will also You can look in description below the video for cooking
  • 00:30: nonstick emulsions need melted butter oil can be buy at the store or cook self-bottom I leave a video as a link to the video cook baked butter melted butter oil can be replaced a cooking pork beef or goose chicken fat take convenient utensils for mixing we place 100 grams of melted butter room temperature we place 100 grams of flour add 100 grams vegetable oil
  • 01:04: Now all good whisk whisk or mixer or just fork a couple of minutes to get completely homogeneous smooth and airy emulsion mass ready emptied glassware and will be the refrigerator use of need the fridge emulsion thickens and It will be good to keep Now your form cake bread biscuit morphine cookies pies are easily depart from form subscribe to my write channel
  • 01:30: Insert comments Huskies look my I wish more videos you a pleasant and good appetite moods