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  • 00:00: hi everyone how's it going and here and I am really excited because I'm going to New York City very very soon actually in a few hours I need to catch my plane I had impact or anything yet I can't believe I'm going to Fashion Week but I haven't packed anything to wear anyways today's video is a highly requested one and a lot of you guys have been asking for this video so I want to make sure that I'm gonna get it out to you guys before I leave to New York City I'm going to show you guys how a mate over my desk
  • 00:30: and also some really simple but very very pretty DIYs that you can do to give your desk a whole new look and also some little organizational ideas so let's go ahead and get started alright guys so this is my old desk and I have this for about two years now so I thought it would be fun to make it into an experimental project therefore what I'm going to do is just paint the trim bold old bomb pretty much whatever I can I was also able to find some simple
  • 01:01: handles and I couldn't find them in gold so I Goldbaum them as well here Eric is helping me apply on a marble vinyl and I found this on Amazon basically what I'm doing is just sticking this vinyl onto the desk so what you just have to do is clean it and then you just basically stick it on like a sticker and just find something flat to push it down and then you're going to trim it around and have it fit your desk
  • 01:30: so here is a little peek on the end result it turned out so beautiful and realistic for this next simple DIY we're going to make a mousepad and all you need is iron on transfer paper a rubber pad or a piece of cardboard will do what we're going to do now is find an image online and so I went to graphics dot-com which has over a quarter billion graphic images from retro vintage business and pretty much anything you're looking for I found a simple image of leaves which
  • 02:00: goes perfect with my theme which I cannot wait to show you guys toward the end of this video so make sure to stay tuned for that so I found my image and then I downloaded it then I just print it out on my art on transfer paper trim out your image and then flip it upside down onto the right side of your fabric now with the hot iron place it onto the image and then distribute the heat evenly onto the fabric so I got a bit excited and peeled off the paper after it cooled down and then I cut around the
  • 02:30: image leaving enough space about a half-inch or more for it to wrap around the piece of cardboard have a piece of cardboard ready for you this can be any size you want it to be just make sure that it's a little bit smaller than your image so that way you can wrap your image around it there's a free 7-day trial on graphics dot-com if you guys want to try it out I will leave the link below this video and by signing up you will automatically be entered to win a Amazon $100 gift card which is pretty
  • 03:00: awesome and you get access to almost a quarter million of images and stock photos so that's pretty awesome for those of you guys who love to DIY I will make sure to put the links below this video next DIY is super adorable we're going to make some business card holders or note holders so all you'll need are some toy animals and I made these toy animals in keychain keychains last year which I will repurpose again this year and you
  • 03:31: will need some clips and also a stick or some toothpicks later on I will be using toothpicks because these sticks were too thick for my DIY so basically what I'm doing is taking these clips apart I'm just taking the hook on the bottom off so that way I can spray-paint them gold I'm gonna spray bomb my sticks and my hooks and fold and you can also do this to your toy animals or paint them into any color you would like to create your
  • 04:00: hole on the back of your toy animal you can take a clip or a nail and screw it into the back of the toy animal next with a hot glue gun I just dab a little glue to the hole and insert the toothpick lastly I'm going to glue on the hook this next DIY is a great way to hang up some beautiful artwork all you have to do is cut out one-inch thick strips that are wide extra paper next you're going to glue each strips onto each ends of the back of your artwork
  • 04:31: this should prevent the corners from curving out lastly with a gold clip clip it to the top part of your artwork and then hang it up this last DIY is one of my most used a DIY ever I made it for my show trash to fab and it has been one of my favorite things to have in my office space so all you will need are just some old candle jars a wooden base that you
  • 05:01: can find at your craft store clean your jars out and spray-paint them gold or whatever colors you like I just pretty much Goldbaum everything the jars and also the wooden base after the paint set i hot glue the bottom of the jars onto the wooden base alright guys so let's put all of these DIYs together I really love how the desk turned out it has a really nice retro your Kian elegance to it and I've been seeing this marble trend all over the place in
  • 05:31: expensive retailers and also on Pinterest I also really love all the fun and simple DIYs they make this whole space so inviting and such a joy to work at alright guys thank you so much for watching if you guys enjoy this video don't forget to give it a big thumbs up and also if there's a DIY you guys would like to see in the near future comment below give me some of your suggestions I always like to read your suggestions and
  • 06:00: you guys have some great ideas I mean most of my videos are built around that and they always turn out really really fun to make and a lot of you guys enjoy them so I want to keep on getting those suggestions also if you guys will be recreating some of these DIYs and don't forget to hashtag or tag me on Instagram Facebook or Twitter you know all those things right I'll link them below this video and if you guys haven't subscribed for more weekly videos just by clicking the subscribe button it's totally free
  • 06:31: and I guess that's it I will see you guys in my next video oh yes my next video I would have a fashion video coming up very soon this Wednesday so stay tuned ciao