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Armaturogib with an adjustable corner, cold forging \/ machine for bending rebar with his hands - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:01: Good day I gather and hy motor for cold forging with opportunity adjust the angle have to say do grating on the bottom of the gate or lattice which other places that the angle continuously for one I need this here is a shaft
  • 00:30: shaft diameter 45 millimeters day he gave me 60 here slot slot around Thirteen to 13 and depth 60 30 ie
  • 01:01: there is also a 30 eliminated in the forehead bearing this poshiba pretty big that is, inside and an outer diameter of 45 105 and the width of the bearing 30
  • 01:31: everything will be installed on this metal pieces of it I hit six lost six metal its size 20 to 20 half
  • 02:02: It will all look this way there will be secured it is welded profile thick-walled profile 25 at 50 with two wall
  • 02:31: half of that is, we no matter how simple profile that usually use slightly thicker than here the cutting it's for this that It has to cook here nuts I think everyone will say what bother I drilled a hole welded yes but I can I'm doing a profile found that such an option for me it will be better, I bought
  • 03:01: Bolt in auto shop bolts springs from the spring Volga bolt seventy eight millimeters diameter and 12's bolt Hardened also bought nuts this place will cook
  • 03:32: bearings internal 12 folk 37 before that I have still have one fittings hypno there screw this one dozen and this is what happens porsche and smelled when frequent gnesh just presses if there I decided to take on stronger more
  • 04:00: if it is the same We have in this case case of a node Calculate bearing stronger because for dozens he collected experience everything will be here will be thrust which will adjust the angle well, respectively, here you will handle
  • 04:30: half-inch piece of pipe all work done Well below will Area drilled holes to be It was in a pinch mount it to the such wood table us on the edge and so he will be used me in a vice is now
  • 05:00: it's all gather and show how It is working here the result of my work promotional tour hy ready here than precedence over while the reinforced there is this at all longer bearing more here larger bearings 12 is a treasure worth
  • 05:30: bolt well done angle adjustment Now let bent corner 90 Now his degrees weakened goal imitated
  • 06:07: short here this bolt it created for angle adjustment than more we twirl the smaller the angle and this city can be move more hole
  • 06:33: let us place We need even smaller angle but not enough that by simple manipulations you can do so here that is, is such a detail We can put here
  • 07:04: [music] leave do minimal here bolt adjust some we need to be respectively fix it will help attention and become even one hole here
  • 07:30: here so that equalize corners admit cases there who grille He spoke yet made
  • 08:16: still made here such Here the emphasis here is the emphasis he fastened on me Hand Vices here here's to be had the same distance keeps or let's say here
  • 08:30: now I meted 20 ie centimeters I insert blank incidentally blank the workpiece is here square section 12 millimeters
  • 09:00: ie, leaving workpiece and here the villa of the I exactly 20 centimeters and I suppose bends She bent in what I Fold the corner and needed Spun hunger
  • 09:30: this place ferrous lever Bolt's general The following control corners I will exactly the same
  • 10:01: let's say if their I need some Now part of this corner is nothing but measurement dog called the dogs eternal pussies how much to set aside fixed vise as a stop and bulges all we want here
  • 10:32: involved little street a little less than 90 degrees to more than 6 Well adjust and It will become clear as I too old even pavement gamespot it I used as a Start editing place suddenly no coaxial He began putting in League ran his hands fork is such
  • 11:00: design again feel that really helps particularly cold forging that is when do something without heated I began to like here drill hole here pasta any fruit meaning digest become heavier and so this design area will Drill holes will be on the hook
  • 11:31: hang it all close My point here is That's how it is done have welded area pre-drilled Is so little holes table or somewhere screw down here and back board
  • 12:00: to use him All this can be ingenuous design here inside I put the piece of pipe 5 millimeters to well generally no touches were not there respectively all right ren two nuts here to put a bolt
  • 12:32: Hardened that very well because of I once fitting guides three changed ground now too bought a red-hot two nuts
  • 13:01: thoroughly why combined not by not the center has made a combined one simple reason that say when you put here workpiece bend lever does not interfere to
  • 13:35: a man short and does not interfere with the preform lying in a plane here and here that is and in general will not withdraws a very big Plus if you put centered at us will move here and well, as if it all ok but much better because I use the fittings gebnya realized it is better to do so and of course at
  • 14:02: manufacture of need to follow here were all angles 90gradusov here angle must be Here, the angle that is both He must be made angle and flexion especially its square will take away here this design turned I have such a thing generally helps out a very
  • 14:30: I strongly tablespoon pop I think that she just irreplaceable Well, that's something like