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Astounding Simple Eggplants Salad! You Did not taste such Tasty Salad Yet! - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] Hello my channel today will cook for regular snacks salad which the main eggplant ingredient which is preparing brainer but this really I really let you I promise you this salad very pleasant here are here now, we need [music] the first thing we cut eggplant eggplant will cut strips [music]
  • 00:43: to from eggplant left bitterness it needs to be folded into easy dishes salt the mix
  • 01:00: and leave for 20 minutes that he let the juice time will cut the rest of the ingredients eggs got some Lolochka [music] tomato and chop the egg [music]
  • 01:39: basil will cut into large but If you do not like basil it can not laying can choose any letter parsley something that you no longer but I like you I say with basil this salad a lot delicious and finely chopped garlic eggplant stood 20
  • 02:05: minutes and let the juice Now they need to be Rinse well under running water, we uncovered pan pour sunflower oil we will fry eggplant eggplant We will lay down a thin bed that they are well they have browned It has drained You can easily have fry
  • 02:34: [music] We will fry up gold [music] eggplant already fully browned Now they need to be put on paper chiffon towel many victims are ingredients we Eggplant should be ready
  • 03:00: necessarily easy you fried cool now we will to mix Ingredients [music] and pepper to taste mix well [music]
  • 03:42: and dressed mayonnaise [music] [music] finally be try this tasty food, let sample
  • 04:00: [music] really just great personal excess necessarily Prepare salad this recipe truly I tell you I promise you a very just like yummy eggplant tomato and egg basil black pepper give such zest only super all who I liked this video Like and put subscribe to my channel so as not to Misses next video yet
  • 04:30: [music]