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  • 00:06: hi I'm denise austin here are some easy exercises that you could do right at the office that will help tone and firm up your muscles from head to toe let's start off with those arms Circle the arms that's it circular motion really helps your chest your shoulders as well as your arms firming it up that's a great exercise to really get beautiful
  • 00:31: looking arms and shoulders make sure when you're doing this that your muscles are nice and strong and you're really focusing on toning of the muscles that's it your arms your chest and your shoulders and now do scissors this is a great exercise to firm the chest muscles the pectorals to keep you uplifted while you're sitting there at the office now my next one is an easy one I love to do it while I'm talking on the phone it's
  • 01:01: called my triceps toner while you're on the phone talking you could be firming up the back of your arms no excuses so these are easy things that you could do at any time during the day that's it and then of course switch hands work on that other arm too great arm exercise to target tone the back of your arms that's right no more underarm sag no more underarm flap will firm it up right here did you know it doesn't matter where
  • 01:32: you're sitting where you're doing exercises because your muscles don't know if you're right there in the office or you're in a fancy gym so tone up those muscles here's my favorite waistline workout you could do these right there to your deaths just twist and twist really turn the body rotating through the waistline I call it my torso trimmer to do this anytime and it really helps to get that circulation through the spine twist
  • 02:01: and twist now take it a step further and really reach and lift and reach and up and reach to your toes if you can so works the back it works your waist also helps tone your arms and relax now I'd like to do a few neck relaxed SURS how many of you have neck tension well if you do here are some simple stretches that you can do to help reduce and relax the neck first of all say it nice and tall just release the tension
  • 02:31: feel the stretch along the sides of your neck did you know a muscle that stays in a state attention will stay in that state of attention unless there's a change of activity so you need to let it move that way you get the muscle to get some circulation oxygen to the area to get rid of that knot in your neck that's it stretch and release and one of my favorite stretches to improve everyone's posture especially if you're slouched
  • 03:00: there in your desk open up the chest look up at the ceiling feel your muscles pressing behind your elbows and release and now the last one to target on your tummy is just a knee lift this is what I call as a tummy tuck a natural one that you could do right at the desk pull your tummy in and out in and release your legs in as you pull in tighten up the ABS contract the abdominals last one and
  • 03:30: release inhale and exhale so give these a try you'll feel so much better