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MIRACLE salad IN FEATHERS. \/ Salad recipe. \/ Tasty salad. \/ Festive salads  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] Hello, my darlings subscribers random viewers today prepare very beautiful and gentle Besides delicious salad called miracle in feathers for cooking salad we had the most simple and available products we will need Potatoes 500 600 grams 2 bulbs of
  • 00:30: I boiled chicken decoction chicken breast can take any part cookie handle or any other boiled meat 4 eggs insidious 100 grams of cheese steep mayonnaise solid salt and pepper to taste as well as cooking fries and onions roasting us required vegetable oil and so proceed salad preparation first thing
  • 01:00: prepare potatoes fries for that potatoes need cut into very thin strips or rub on grated on a special for french fries he sliced ​​potatoes must be washed under running water and then discard in a colander washed potatoes lightly salt and mix
  • 01:30: this well to all coil prosolilas this release potatoes of excess moisture and leave until potatoes alone and themselves Let us in the meantime onions onions need cut into thin semicircles and fry and vegetable oil
  • 02:07: fry the onion until until it becomes transparent much of his fry do not need onions become transparent if the soft fire clean under a frying pan Protein shake up in the the laid plate towel fill a small skillet vegetable oil
  • 02:32: readiness check as a point omit Now we go to the bottom It means oil bubbles warmed up and now small portions we will fry potatoes in oil fried and [applause] fry up golden brown
  • 03:02: potatoes ready to a golden remove with the help of Pans but you went to the laid Polotenchik also We examine the same oil ship the next portion potatoes
  • 03:39: all the potatoes I fry each and a portion of fries spread on fresh lot and towel to better remove fat oil potato we excel in much moisture look almost whole potato so be sure to recline potatoes a colander to
  • 04:00: glass excess moisture it will drain if you slightly on sunetsya potatoes chicken or chicken breast assort the fibers and I did not live in the cut thin strips I make it out of the fiber and so all products I prepared a salad chicken breast He split the fibers of potatoes cooked fries onion fry up transparent state to Transparency and now
  • 04:32: We begin to collect salad on a flat dish I dismissed this bowl round small and around This bowls will spread chicken breast spread a semicircle this we build a nest
  • 05:02: desire chicken breast can be a little bit pepper slightly
  • 05:34: Now you can bowl clean salad pour mayonnaise chicken breast so dry we put mayonnaise more on chicken breast put onion fried Onion also be applied
  • 06:05: a small amount of mayonnaise and now Our nest was covered straw potatoes fries
  • 06:32: Place half potatoes and pour also slightly mayonnaise, and more spread all the rest potatoes
  • 07:00: leg on top again pour mayonnaise small number Nest we ready It left in the nest lay eggs eggs We need to prepare here in my bowl 4 yolk of chicken egg yolks
  • 07:32: squash mash fork yellow send 100 grams grated on fine cheese grater I add one full tablespoon
  • 08:00: slide mayonnaise and all horoshenechko mix if mixture is obtained thick you can add mayonnaise egg whites rub on a coarse grater is would we like feathers and cheese on egg mixtures do small balls testicles small eggs boned their proteins
  • 08:37: egg feathered miracle feathers and send our nest spread
  • 09:06: nice effect on and delicious salad miracle feathers ready It left him only cool refrigerator and then to submit offers on festive table if you like put my video huskies subscribe on my channel cook with I cook better I have all good moods All I do today Happy New coming year
  • 09:31: I wish in the new year happiness health love and all the good things that It is on this earth, and all until we meet again Mr year