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"Любимый Муж" salad; Sweep the First On the Table! Looney tasty!

"Любимый Муж" salad; Sweep the First On the Table! Looney tasty!  See details »

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  • 00:01: [music] Hello my channel today will Cook really delicious salad believe me this salad It shatters on the first table he just loves all men salad It called with beautiful name Beloved husband I did it just I love it here these are the ingredients we need [music] the first thing zaymomsya mushrooms cut into mushrooms thin slices
  • 00:32: now we will fry mushrooms better method to a Champignon turned 10 on delicious I just have not found, see most importantly take dry frying pan and and to open to She was red-hot on a hot pan pour sliced ​​mushrooms fish, we will not they cover the lid Now start up very plenty of fluids, we we will wait until this fully liquid evaporate while fried
  • 01:01: mushrooms chopped onion [music] see mushrooms fried literally 5 see minutes how many were not allowed liquid, this liquid It must be fully refer to evaporate the time elapsed caps 10 minutes water we fully evaporated Now add salt pepper taste add
  • 01:30: vegetable oil and top add onions if you believe fry it mushrooms they really get very tasty and you have it It will also be favorite recipe for how to fry mushrooms mix all fry that he may have walls fry with mushrooms onions see those gone 10 minutes we roasted mushrooms they have completely we now have a girlfriend you need to turn them off shift in dishes that they fully
  • 02:00: We cooled down for this Lettuce is very suitable homemade mayonnaise we will see doing home Mayonnaise is made from really 1 minute and very simple see take the yolk eggs with protein so that it was safe and sure pour 180 here milliliters vegetable oil add half teaspoon spoon mustard floor teaspoon sugar half teaspoon salt and approximately one tablespoon Now take a lemon
  • 02:34: blender immerse blender right on the yolk and doing home mayonnaise [applause] [music] [music]
  • 03:19: mayonnaise ready smoked chicken will cut cubes
  • 03:39: [music] chicken eggs boiled and hard-boiled rub on a coarse grated look to cheeses have melted well rubbed them pre-better to put at least 40 minutes in the freezer grated in chamber
  • 04:00: add eggs grated processed cheese and add on top mayonnaise home also add here a couple of cloves of garlic to smell That's it mix mushrooms completely
  • 04:30: now we are neighbors to collect salad a first layer will fried mushrooms [music] Now take half personally cheese mixture [music]
  • 05:06: the next layer will fall smoked chicken fillet then again with ostriches eggs with mayonnaise
  • 05:38: [music] Now salad ship in Refrigerate for one hour let harden then I tell that do next as chopped tomatoes on Samat soaz refrigerator and staged one hour, he completely soaked it is now possible
  • 06:00: decorate the top tomatoes look how delicious salad in We had a very I want to try let us finally try it [music]
  • 06:34: how I would like this lettuce home cook really his I adored indeed salad simply gorgeous all the men on the right his desk think that First of all it name it is very bush everyone loved put this video Like and subscribe to my RSS feed to keep skip the following video yet