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  • 00:10: hi today I want tell at home it is very easy to make bread in order to home cook bread I'll use
  • 00:31: packed harvester but also may be dough kneaded and just hands, and so at first I I take 30 grams compressed yeast I always use Only fresh yeast we do not dry and so their crumble need horoshenechko that they were small and emptied here the same friends I add a tablespoon
  • 01:00: spoonful of sugar but not full and without slides I add a little flour all flour leaves approximately 500 grams but all again It depends on flour because the flour all I add in different steps I put a little flour mixer and add
  • 01:30: warm water water It should only be warm in any the case is not hot here I have 300 milliliters of water start though adding After the dough a little bit like this I mixed up add salt I here teaspoon and salts in the process mixing will add flour
  • 02:12: the dough has turned and thick enough but not at the same time However, it is not quite so dense Here is the dough happened and now I I put it in a warm to place it has come and so here I risen dough just 30 minutes
  • 02:31: Now I had to shift in the form of I bake it will bread here in this Silicone round form for this I grease the bit vegetable oil who barely vegetable oil horoshenechko we coat the bottom and sides shape I'm ready to shape punched dough tidy
  • 03:00: with stenochek and a test enough eerie ie it a little sticks to the hands it should not be thick and strong now you need it distribute in form and so here I get the test
  • 03:32: and straightened by I form the oven delivered heat the maximum temperature and yet oven heated During this time, just fit dough more for once and for the first I put bake about 30 to 40 minutes So I oven heated look That's how come the dough in the form and now I I put to bake bread thirty or forty in
  • 04:01: I baked bread 30 minutes Here is such a he great zazharistye turned after I had He pulled out of the oven I lubed up here in this way brush with water to crust is softer and Cover with a towel after he He stood crust look it is very soft and I can pull it already of form it easily from the mold
  • 04:31: gets here such Now I have it zazharistoy turned and now I will cut him still hot so cut be careful not to burned here such But in the context of I turned bread you look
  • 05:03: You see it still going even couples he has hot and great delicious