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  • 00:00: Hello everyone today as if in a special issue I will tell you a lot what winter to store use summer it is about fertilizers gardeners practiced gardening Farming on his site and do not know by hearsay the enormous the amount of organic matter required season so they have nothing wasted like this and we will start rotten piece of wood
  • 00:30: combusted to obtain for you chips and small branches sent to the raspberry bushes as mulch kitchen waste are in the compost pile and etc. but come and chill well all useful waste which could help fight pests or improve fertility soil turns into regular garbage we do throwing the room all the fire is not razvedeshsya them to empty bunch do not all as some kind of organic
  • 01:01: can and should winter to store then used to benefit and for your vegetable garden So we begin first this we will that let's take tea and start dreaming coffee Here I'll show you I Here I am on the example of tea I drive on a plate this can be there for
  • 01:30: bowl lay down dried tea bags already used You see events already, and so glad to brew coffee preform suitable Well all very in bags can be taken We get out of the bag armor is laid out good thing dry used tea leaves and coffee so as not covered mold when it subsequent storage Uchaev kind of coffee is very mix well
  • 02:01: soils with preparing the ground for seedling it is for seedlings well you can sleep above is not dried tea leaves into the wells at planting seedlings Suddenly they serve good fertilizer sleeps custard and tea Feeding the vegetable seedlings cultures but for this preparation of such feeding I go approach 1 cup dried tea leaves from this brew on three-liter jar
  • 02:32: quart of water water and insist 45 days then the party wish this seagulls it turns and mix with nitrogen fertilizers continuing the theme citrus peel them fit on pests So I have a little bit of dry than their good cat just not possible Only from there for pests do
  • 03:00: You can add them to tea they add this unique fragrance and even orange tangerine peel to help cope with some pests feature well layer here we insist citrus bites Well option 1 100 grams dry and such lemon peel Pour per liter of water hot water and to insist in the dark
  • 03:32: place for 2 to 4 days and then is it on so they be sprayed infected plants at least 2 or 3 times accordion 2 well, certainly more taken kilogram citrus peelings flow through then it is a meat grinder We put everything in three-liter jar Pour hot water
  • 04:01: and infuse darkness for five days dry crusts should be previously Soak and blue already dried up the matches if you Fresh booth course if you type a kilo can be Of course the floor portion to do so you can immediately grind and then this infusion should be strain through cheesecloth and dissolve in ratio of 100 ml on standing 10 liters of water can
  • 04:32: add the resulting 40 grams of the liquid in laundry soap to adhere very it's good spray also herself and infected plant not less than 20 minutes, and of a third embodiment has a peel 2 oranges pour one liter of hot water and withstand week in a dark place then strain and to add 1 2 teaspoonfuls spoon liquid soap the same effect
  • 05:01: It will be the same and sprinkle vermin especially the style and disappears go further Now I tell you about the onion peel It also goes for pest control dry onion peel rot does not deteriorate well preserved in bags or in open polyethylene bags so it you can easily buy all winter and just about the husk well kept onions
  • 05:33: This well-kept This carrot and beet parsnips and parsley celery It is not got no any bugs and all sorts pest can second way radiation grind onion peel it can serve great mutating material for beds with strawberries or strawberry between the rows
  • 06:00: I can out with it helps a lot as mulch retains moisture is not only fertilize the soil we protect the plant from drought and yes and waterlogging also discourage weevil chief I have a pest 3 is another well recipe have onion infusion used such spray currant bushes and 3 is opposite
  • 06:31: regimental mite or cucumbers that no yellowing shining tincture onion husk can be watered yet any culture to increase productivity This is especially useful procedure for tomatoes husk can use when filling guide for some potato when trenches potatoes sadim throw
  • 07:00: in wells the smell of the husk rotting onions unpleasant for many insect pests There are at the top of throw it so and Carlos to drive a I want to smell will not be like their will less even in the garden here so we go further next we potato peelings it is a source of starch
  • 07:30: which are so popular currant her berry becomes value almost a cherry such large you want to get great harvest currant not lazy over the winter nasushit potato to peel cleaning dry well the battery or just laid out in a single layer dry on the windowsill as they are best keep fabric bags
  • 08:00: cellophane bags from not store dampen during the spring summer season dry potato peelings you need to dig a bushes or brew boiling water to cool and use resulting broth for glaze currant but also potato peelings used to fertilizers at planting and cabbage cucumbers well for this
  • 08:32: take dry cleaning macerates them grind into mush in the preparation of holes potato porridge We are laying on the bottom sprinkle on top earth then We prick out this way The following black-and-white newspaper to mulching how much accumulates waste paper in the apartment or house is not considered a
  • 09:00: because the paper is excellent material for we kirova her not throw black and white newspapers and Flyers they still serve you Well, without faith and true use paper and than beds with legumes cultures lay out newspapers several layers we I was not born son again and add up spam upward even upstairs to faster warm up ground under paper mulch
  • 09:30: the soil is warmer 3 4 4 degrees close to it not fly away at the edges We put little or bricks not to fly to the the earth a little bit I fall asleep for mulching paper land in the raspberry patch and I Water will thank you excellent harvest as a my Maker and can hay can invest and paper also Remember that the dress and other paper waste can useful in
  • 10:00: device warmer beds sila fat pumpkin sunflower seeds future mulch all I I think love in pumpkin seeds listen cleaning just throw a because pumpkin seeds is one of the most useful products food they harmful to many parasites living in the body human so there is and pumpkin seeds and But from their husks are not disposed of in a hurry
  • 10:30: trash can better dry and fold in paper bag and Save up to spring so amateur pumpkin seeds for long winter will provide excellent mulch bandage vegetables you can just as well store shells from pistachios and forest nuts dry peanut pods and the like go further eggshell
  • 11:02: a source of calcium accumulate over the winter a large number of eggshell is very a first You should eat a little dry scale to remaining in protein started from drain nasty smell and then just folded into a regular plastic bag and good I grind and
  • 11:30: did she married and otherwise as shells will not hold a lot of space and in the spring go to the country in as beautiful organic fertilizers particularly valuable to soured their soils shell close up by culture exacting Calcium is an eggplant Day peppers and watermelons cycle also introduce into
  • 12:02: tree trunks fruit trees especially not a thing plums and other stone and buried under rose bushes rose too if the very best of applying egg scale you could not find they are simply laying into compost that's perhaps and all that he had, I would like now talk about cuttings and
  • 12:30: potato shell ie cleaning onion peel and eggshells on citrus and pumpkin and cycle to the new meetings subscribe a channel in the channel very whatnot It will be interesting By the way do not miss new releases like grow tomatoes and
  • 13:00: Alla risked water continue experiment all we have already obtained the first leaves were go to channel English letters it says Tanya Stepaniuc welcome all while up to new issues dad