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  • 00:00: volume pattern owl similar pattern I found in the English magazine because there is such a night owl connected on a pillow I'm a big cushion this scheme a little can reduce in this manner draw anything anything any drag figure vyvyazat How is this pattern I'm associated with a number
  • 00:30: columns with one sc and just He'll show you how construction do 3 air loop, we Now let's say a couple I link to columns the beginning of this pattern now begin to knit popcorn pop here feed knitted 4 column one nakida system January 2
  • 01:07: 34 and now enter hook in the first this column popcorn is needed attentively not to see miss here Now everything in general that It seems here in fourth loop strengthen this
  • 01:30: element further knit a column with one sc over the next the posts then we again Popcorn will then have here here through Now most of these here volume elements for the courts connected through a column but sometimes they are on the edges there are also 2 side by side
  • 02:00: show that's how it that is the main We introduce here in fourth loop fasten on column one sc let us associate more One such element the most cunning will in the opposite row with us
  • 02:31: 4 to the end of the row of fresh just bars with one sc we have turned Such are convex
  • 03:00: elements well, in general it popcorn itself is simple means see here we have 4 column let us do here in so the next row that is not very long show do two popcorn that is, go to reduction for that we will need to there are four tie column to in they staggered
  • 03:30: We are going to sing but to link First we will column it loops recovery that is also tied 3 lifting loops 1 column skip Here knit 4 column and one sc the most important thing to understand where in the knit popcorn that is here it's a loop we
  • 04:00: is popcorn we tied 4 column here Now here we are again knit popcorn and knit with 4 column one sc but in this series we to associate I would call it a inverse element popcorn if we his knit as usual that is here to cook thread here it is we is convex
  • 04:30: inside us and this so we do not need We need all these elements were convex on one hand so We introduce the hook here behind also pull now this thread element we will convex in front side as column one sc the next column Again knit this reverse popcorn
  • 05:09: 3 4 and pull anchoring element Now introducing the hook here rear knitting, further provyazyvaem bollards
  • 05:31: one to nakida end of the series but I just I decided to tell do so here reduce the amount of popcorn that is, to show himself principle let's see what you know happened, you see we though the volume element are staggered the
  • 06:00: there are a number of us in a personal knit a common element popcorn and Wrong here such feedback let's do it again see how It looks my sample Here is a great so now I have an owl turned on the wrong side virtually drawing can barely a shadow read here
  • 06:30: so now I have an owl nochek naturally you can draw a variety of patterns something that can be a interesting picture subscribe to my channel so as not to skip new Lessons I still have a lot of ideas so ahead You will find a lot interesting new pattern new scheme good luck to you and light eyelets