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LEMON YUM-YUM to tea. All adore! American cuisine. Lemon Cream, Kurd.  See details »

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  • 00:05: Good day today, I I will cook extraordinary yummy lemon can say lemon cream or lemon Kurd who can be submitted tea table with soft bun or cookies and also interlayers can be Bat cakes or pastries he obtained universal to preparation of this
  • 00:30: yummy we need and lemons I I used two here such large lemon weight they had 432 grams I squeezed the juice out them and juice I It turned 175 grams and you need to remove all lemon zest from two Lemon also need two eggs and sugar starch butter for preparation of this cream we need a saucepan with a thick Now in the bottom I get enough sleep a saucepan sugar and add here
  • 01:01: starch now I I add here lemon juice and 2 eggs zest of two lemons trace of lemon cream will depend from the yolks and the light from the Light lemon peel brighter than they would be in order brighter itself will lemon cream Now I am all together well mix my device for removing rind very large and peel
  • 01:30: it turns when varish here such lemon cream the peel then in the finished cream and felt that cream was more a soft and gentle I'm here now I mixed the cream I try it a little bit blender heat the cream with the continuous stirring and cook it up cream thickens your and I continue to boil it does not interfere after stopping boil cook cream
  • 02:01: to simmer about three minutes continuously it stir not Remember to plan to remove the ring stove minimum somewhere 2 10 3 minutes passed our lemon cream and ready I unplug the stove I leave it on the stove to complete the rest Lightning cream cool in us and it thickens look at it which has become such a viscous homogeneous
  • 02:30: consistency ry aromatic Now I add here the soft butter oil and connect whisk blender mixer can be possible the usual whisk it has to be manually to shift into a jar and put in fridge within an hour he more thickens and can is it right plaster on a roll or bread or idle and cake that is it
  • 03:00: very tasty Now look what elegant consistency it is very gentle and your ball family will appreciate it when you submit it morning for morning tea coffee or soft air buns I bid you farewell all was good glad that you were with me and to new tasty recipes