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  • 00:00: volume pattern kitty I already showed how knit three-dimensional pattern on a dense web at I have a lesson by the pattern of the shroud a reference to him I will give in the description but it is also He fit in another ie choose method that you So I prefer bound preparatory rows of columns without e sc all voxels
  • 00:30: let's tally in odd rows we knit columns without sc to the place where we should be volume element let's here it Now we must be knit popcorn and columns with one we were binding sc my not here the following columns and on the bar below the have exciting here
  • 01:00: in this way Now from this point knit with 4 column one sc 3
  • 01:31: 4 Now then do it We have introduce the hook in the first column with sc pull thread on our web here we miss 1 column then knit again column, without sc
  • 02:03: next stop volume element knit the same way that is go here are a number of cases below then 4 column one sc ie popcorn element 4 columns with one sc
  • 02:32: closable their Popkov miss our row 1 column knit column, without sc and Again in general, that we We can associate this the Lima and let let us in this series have We will have 3 of these bulk items you
  • 03:00: You can create you need risunochek Picture this cat Generally, I do it myself a reference here as well find a description under the video well, and let We finish our series just without columns sc is we an odd number here such here We obtain the volume elements move to
  • 03:34: chotnomu row and all even rows, we were binding just without columns sc to sc column and knit and over posts and over our elements popcorn that is, the number of our entirely is all odd ranks entirely They consist of bars without sc
  • 04:01: the only thing that's when knitting this the pattern would be nice to these bars count to avoid common mistakes in their numbers turn to next odd row know where we erase the two elements such volume placing them in staggered the I have here on this popcorn we do knit will not but the next that is, as the posts
  • 04:30: I am here between these elements such throw my hook knit and ass and two zamknom
  • 05:01: then knit a column without nakida here general that when it We start knitting here It is already clear that there let's say on this element We will without a column sc but if staggered you and dispose next popcorn at We would like here between the submissive Now in this way
  • 05:36: March 4th column Well, we close our element We continue to knit number columns without end sc and next even series also knit columns, without sc
  • 06:04: here such here volumetric us turned elements and It obtained in general risunochek let's look at my pussy Here is such a me kitty turned on wrong side of course a pattern not seen since a little bit, something like a shadow embodiment do not look so interesting
  • 06:32: it is possible to link in general, any any risunochek possible do not really any there are some limit but enough in general that the options are many there can in my draw here on checkered paper in Basically, I did made only should take into account that Well knitting bars it practically within a square
  • 07:00: that is, if you take number of columns the number of rows but these are the same here are the elements go to a number lower than the there are a number of boiler 2 it must be considered Well, that's when go to ssylochku look at risunochek this cat ie it is drawn on cell let's him Here's a look ie drawing empty cells is bars without sc and
  • 07:31: shaded cells it's just our popcorn and so try to remember likely that you made their interesting risunochki subscribe to my channel so as not to skip new Lessons I still have a lot of ideas and stock some knitting tricks on you many interesting unsorted Topic patterns good luck and light loops