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  • 00:03: Hello everyone I am glad welcome you to your kitchen today I will prepare a salad what you need for the salad carrot I took 4 such a small 2 apple apples need clean and carrots and apples grate on a coarse grater is This salad is minutes very tasty
  • 00:33: and the finger I'll still be here add 50-70 grams raisins and soak boiled water all as boiling water always very easy and easy to start peel apples tidy
  • 01:01: center and rubs built on the bush grater everything looks like this carrot apple I tossed raisins It is well to glass all of the water and also here and add add honey if someone is not honey He loves somewhere tablespoon a spoonful of honey if not
  • 01:31: like add sugar and it's all mix if apples have a sweet it is possible to squeeze out here a little lemon juice and we shift like this Now it looks this salad can be eat up as an independent dish for breakfast or for dinner or post it afloat This is delicious
  • 02:02: try prepare you sorry and how this is applied salad and carrots digested only fat and I fill sour cream in I have 24 percent fat and sour cream on
  • 02:32: his taste this way Now it looks is there anyone I liked this can recipe repeat and cook with pleasure only those in the health and I have fun appetite and see you soon meeting in my kitchen the family until