We CLOSE the NEEDLE the ELASTIC BAND 2*2 AROUND! ELASTIC CLOSING. Knitting lessons. || Begin to knit!

We CLOSE the NEEDLE the ELASTIC BAND 2*2 AROUND! ELASTIC CLOSING. Knitting lessons. || Begin to knit!  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:01: [music] welcome you to the channel began to knit My name is Tatyana today video dedicated to closing gum 2 for 2 with a needle circle I had There is a separate video As we close simply direct the web related eraser here we have the canvas circular we need it now closing to do so to our our start series here our junction at closing looked very beautiful and
  • 00:30: different from all the rest of the web and so we unwound thread at least 3 times longer than our with your knitting We leave in a needle and I will begin to close immediately apologize If the spokes are shake slightly the table unfortunately such can be So it is our knitting circle 2 begins with facial loops two ends we wrong close by it, and loop pairs for In order to achieve the effect of such a level
  • 01:01: rezinochki smooth such as on the edge factory products, we start with the fact that introduce a needle into first face specified here Knit all of us at circle face classic located also backing classic means for the right shackle which is how to on top of your case yes I am closer to us we a needle in water and I extend a thread once I take important pull up here with this edge that we here
  • 01:30: there was no such a large distance then I want to sew wrong and that is wrong like one in front We have a number of first I have two of them at once is not sews means we The next step is lets 2 purl 1 Wrong us here here and the other for I'll start from the end as if our knitting that is, I here on spokes there Wrong loop
  • 02:00: here it is and I'll bring it for the left handle of a needle in mind let's just her please so everything is good it is necessary to tighten then it was not large drink or stretched and second Wrong which should flash it is
  • 02:31: here we needle you need to enter on the left right this way for the right to pick up Now it's shackle which is closer to us as we have here there is still Wrong there is still the front I asked her here so I God and a needle The engaging and hand all have 2 backstitches
  • 03:01: I prepared to go further in We should be back 1 facial facial here here we have once we flashed find out of it we Here is a thread here it is once we stitched necessarily you need to find exactly the loop to pull it should we have here with the this loop otherwise overlap not only because proshom effect will and not the way of the left the handle of the first loop of the the right handle of the second
  • 03:30: I rented and this is now purl already upon us also stitched the same immediately take off all now you can strongly not to delay but in general it is necessary to can adjust try because if strongly win and will not be very edge of the domain rank but it will be fine to look like and if too free to do loop that can get such lax david facial 2 made on 2 purl 1
  • 04:03: Wrong but here one and I ask both I find we turn over to the other toward us obtained facial 2 Now these is our purl 1 now stitched see thread and through It goes grabbed her shackle and hold the left this is our second Wrong, and we do as her right shackle from left to right needle were and sew on
  • 04:30: facial face us which is stitched looking it is not it is we look over there delayed so she and for the right wall for left wall rather for the right new stitched to the front seamy return is our backing once
  • 05:00: Here stitched thread But on her tightened seen and wrong who spoke on us has flashed Here again, not facial is it over there prolonged drag it pull out so she ayu's seen here is one just thread through it was held facial 1 1 2
  • 05:34: ready again 2 purl 1 Wrong's nose But the second stitched All I was thinking principle already clear how we sew as we close I now until the end of this I will show you how final we will fix thread you see
  • 06:04: edge turns a ship and geography and so see I beg Now half an hour last 2 face further I have now is Wrong here already once stitched I I sew a second time and Now it turns out at we have it Wrong once before it was in the beginning, too, stitched ie idea all of us on this finished but we
  • 06:31: not attracted see Here grain loop it remains a a little loose and we still here polar different one time is not stitched the latter face there is now I suggest you do we find our the face that we have not flashed for a second time left not shackle picks up and now here we are picked up once again for the right shackle
  • 07:02: and all this tightens well and that's how we it turns out that is our most important to the very first loops in the beginning there were not have greatly stretched That's why when only start you need to close all good pull here are two options all this on You can close you can Just now, our thread here at We have something we have to you here are first shackle can fall between the loops on
  • 07:30: and lead back and consolidate the already seamy side the second embodiment can be Once again I ie backing turn on the other side and that's here we have our Wrong you she asked here once, and this is the second times that for 1 thing It was once again stretch that is,
  • 08:02: thus one can little seal this place here now as you will Now everything is more convenient thread on and hide the knitting our all ready strings have spread stretched pulled and it looks like this eventually our canvas closed a needle edge obtained rounded
  • 08:32: elastic I believe this closing option good for hoses for cuffs neck He and flexible stretched but This, and much he did not no stretch It will lose its shape bit string of all still keep that's all thank you for Attention [music]