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  • 00:00: [music] [applause] [music] Well this is also certain stage that at some point, and knowing what to go on for me It has always been important so I do not know how in Russia they say that there was no ceiling
  • 00:30: Now it is so on Table [music] but
  • 01:01: I can say that somewhere up to 25 years I also wanted to stay dance because I thought that I not good enough nonsense mane [music] every company is as each the country is very different
  • 01:31: one thing and you dance Mariinsky or large or Paris it makes other here are dancing tell me when my company they I'm tired of just saying you did not work Fuck you do not even know what tire [music]
  • 02:10: I always somehow knew have what I want where I food how to do it, I I want to already be only performer world has changed each art saying it statement today
  • 02:33: at that moment when what happens during her life stopped Why I dance what can express the dance and very little to express more
  • 03:05: it affect any human string fine line body and soul it became my so It became my life and I I found in this sense [music]