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  • 00:10: at until Poor Nastya Volochkova trades stellar auctions their good Ponte and removed for funny money transparent hyper or
  • 00:31: without it, and some colleagues simply dance and earn millions of the most known in the world and the most expensive Russian ballerina Diana Vishnev of The Mariinsky Theater is not married and the reality of sacrifice stubborn fanaticism but all to be honest without photoshop Irina Shakhman not give lie Lana tour and it time robbed
  • 01:00: apartment is not only I had to move just do not even have time to there somehow signaling and include many valuable course Ukraine is well Still material so how good Mom said it is a their blood itself crying it was terrible then enter yes yes now this terrible fear horrible just one No, they never I always thought that It seemed so funny
  • 01:30: someone someone something guards Well, at least to yourself that I but it has become a bear quite like something ridiculous but now I go safety if bodyguard saw that the body gets up in his lack of spinning, spinning It rolled into bundles and squeezes every drop themselves and those guys 8 hours of rehearsals daily parallel reality diana no cherry concessions and discounts on stardom on ddf y and
  • 02:01: type de trois high quality and the rate for smooth operation this girl you just poppy dewdrops without a break for 15 minutes added sugar salt and preservatives This is our theater buffet our reach someone small juice than Kaleri is powered on So I personally do not
  • 02:30: trying to position froze the maximum I can not be here fresh juice and drink Coffee is constantly a lot of you just work loses appetite and Eventually I also had such it marks the moment I filed or are taken ill on the grounds that immunity completely It was low because that open spaces the body had nothing to take very little power facilities in Qatar Therefore, it is not not enough dressing rooms Unfortunately we do not even
  • 03:00: I do not have any rooms recreation if we spend time, here's a look in the example of my baby I do not even windows no ventilation in principle, is also not work is still little the people here are we here four is considered very little spirit dressing room packed with 7 8 people a unique environment master secret Russian ballet I do not like mean tomorrow in the dressing room is another beautiful unearthly this rule
  • 03:30: Vishnev hack to death on pointe more in ten years when my mother He brought her to Choreography school name Vaganova from hundreds of the same the future will take except that featured the name of delicious devils as if on purpose Billboard diana Vishnev is the parent Intuition Plus Vaganov Skye drill when Japanese French American falls in a dead faint Russian Vishnev and line dancing the magazine The New Yorker after touring Mariinsky Theater in metropolitan opera
  • 04:01: tour with elements of a thriller new performance for me and I did not know where run as there dark and light stands here is a pin not natural I noticed the roar was such as if scenery here great scenery fell but because I Now all this stuff for there still hooked Natural I was a shock to me and it happened to them it was a shock that immediately man suddenly shove all crashes on sites this bloody
  • 04:30: at least all the torn here all cranes and such He continues to dance how stoked brings it to the end of the test Americans, they are just do not understand as this is how possible here and so it is lighter Lipstick is not the method so I do not smoke Basically youth we smoking during my partner told coal and so
  • 05:00: excited when office reported there viewed in House says his first cigarette I smoked it for logging in the theater break over a smoke, too rehearsal evening play in the new suits thin strip of cloth barely cover tattoo tattoo barely hides the scar on hip the scars decorated dancer in the world outside Theater Vishneva I am a girl with crippled legs
  • 05:30: without wild pain she maybe 10 minutes stroll around Neva 35 years old almost invalid and it's not an insult and tough evidence highest as a professional often feet hurt eg DC Today hurts Mallet ligament injury was that's a little bit of overload bit aches ie
  • 06:01: legs ache always load just always processes you're of living with a child with the pain she which is already with you always side by side when they say that someone not sore feet means not start I do not mean running I know that such work what he does not know although such work can may be less work but I do not know whether such result
  • 06:34: best scene fear no anesthesia there is beauty in motion Ballet bestseller in repertoire Marinka prohibitive solo cherry three hours Your fingertips non-stop in the rhythm hard Nouveau second hitch no nothing Now notice massage therapist will correct numb from the muscle and Diana again elections
  • 07:01: to dance in last time Every day it's all more like a truth to the ballet pensions remains some years it like maximum the results I do not want here and so have the child and give it houses their particular or something like this here and do the scene and I want my work I have a child We have for yourself decide what's perhaps here is where you need need steel himself and I understand that you are now
  • 07:30: once and on this day career over what Printing careers course I know that will end probably from birth the child is first all classic repertoire should exactly move away after such great success a bunch of a bunch of fans colors now I'm happy to do too, so that's all you put on the car you go from completely skill
  • 08:00: home away there half an hour to forty minutes part of the home these flowers set I sit down on a step and take and because all because the house no one there