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Exercises for cheeks and cheekbones. The Feysbilding with Evgenia Baglyk.  See details »



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  • 00:08: hello friends My name is Eugene Van Gogh I Instructor by feysbilding on past lessons we are studying exercises for the forehead zone and for the eyes Today I'll show you exercise is will be able to pull us central part of our face and cheeks cheekbone this part of the face is very important because when it is we aging and guttering the person immediately loses all
  • 00:31: its appeal and It looks much lost over the lower facial contour so today be especially careful we do exercise for cheeks and cheekbone in order to make to the south, we need our fingers at once Wash your hands because today fingertips we will raise fraud perhaps these Exercise is not very aesthetically pleasing and not same thing Effective yourself
  • 01:00: it can feel So first we exercise do you muscle they shock us guys they are with us here parallel mandible and cake and now here the enough muscles so as the volume Once they have lose their tone sag we immediately the bottom floats facial contour and there are so Bryl called here here we have resting to our counters were always we have tightened a good coach cheek muscles how we do it in
  • 01:31: First of all we pulling old letter about lowered and the lower jaw just opened and remember that the lower jaw We did not go up We should have taken this situation and This now remains forefingers we have over lower teeth here So how are you going bottom row of teeth here So you bet finger fingers look bend, we do not need them Just keep your horn Now we are trying to due to stress cheeks fingers compress
  • 02:01: Imagine in the center as if you palms squeeze we ball pressed-released pressed-released just as we are now We will work cheeks try fingers became over the lower teeth and compress pay attention to must first watch buccal muscles you may have immediately temptation strain the mouth that is you will try fingers clenched lips
  • 02:31: like closing the mouth closing his mouth like you have to leap first strain cheeks as if we slightly pulling and then strain lips still try time At first when you just start doing this exercise you You can not feel marching muscles you It is a feeling that the policy date it falls fine because in everyday life we cheeked use very little and is a muscle
  • 03:00: can you sooner If you weaken You will make every day and this exercise a week later feel that this the place has become more resilient and and cheek muscles you become like other currencies fingers on the way clearly feel it pleasant exercise very important not excessive strain the top and not to strain the area Woodley nose because if we do these muscles clamped at we may appear Other creases and most main gymnastics for face it is better not try to harm
  • 03:30: once again strongly pressing and omit to to you here that's nothing you just power We need upper lip rush down slightly whereas here all It will be smooth and will only work by the last time you like can always hold power muscles and release look first style in order to relax our cheeks we inflate them and
  • 04:02: relaxes legged theres only immediately felt it's here went so easy heat and muscles fully recognize following exercise we will do with you it is directed at us to the GIM they zygomatic muscles in We go from the mouth, and that's here it's eye zygomaticus minor muscle They have responsibility for smile when we were with you We smile and that's the Here are the places you to us pump up those muscles we will also use
  • 04:30: Maltz We as a mouth again the first exercise pulling gave fingers we pointers put under the upper lip somewhere under 45 degrees not vertically and at 45 gently to you nails are not scratching not teeth mucous just gently put your fingers and pushing the top lip and these here Try seats together here we also did not must exert mandible you
  • 05:00: You will feel voltage upper Bay area and near the nose this exercise It helps us to leave Now this here central part of face and to withdraw spasm can your nose because of which just us and It appears on the ruined hall can try two more times and the last time we stop strong hold static load try all consider to to relax muscle that you have we worked
  • 05:30: inflate upper lip and once again charge inflated and relax and another exercise it will show a very very effective and Here you will feel immediately here's voltage this exercise for great zygomatic muscle they have found here on the corners mouth they have come across his face and already attached to walleye and juicy, these bones muscle extremely important because they keep face as a framework Once they have weakened the entire face floated down when a
  • 06:01: because it comes in tone firstly we be pronounced apples school it is very beautiful in Second, we Now it appears that's part of the face is It will have a very beautifully sculpted as we do here, we again for Gemba shaft down that we recorded finger and is not We help them and We try to strain zygomatic muscle Imagine that they have you are here and so decreased and relaxed reducing and relax the look We are doing so
  • 06:34: that is, how would you prim Here's the zone try them to lift eyes this exercise you could not immediately happens because zygomaticus muscles are very small involved in this facial expressions, and so they could not immediately responds in order to accomplish this exercise you can try mouth and pulled happened In short letter but since when this when you
  • 07:00: you can talk wince at a little bit this muscle if this does not work you you can try make a face as if you unhappy or squeamish like this Now that is on wrinkles the nose and on the match here zone and you then Street rises it to him that too try again Stuck Children account that This exercise is very it is important that near nose we had everything
  • 07:30: It arranged for this Again, my upper lip pull down and communicate in We corners of the card, too not work because you may want to do you like this may seem that corners you raise Sulla is not so so we all pulling and we work only with codes of these exercises will simulate our central face of the precisely when these muscle we lose the tone of the whole sag Now this part of the face and therefore appear in We nasolabial hall
  • 08:00: that's it for that we call coaching All these muscles buccal little would be both zygomaticus in this way the central part l we are holding form not down and so we are comfortable creases, we will not or they flare up because of it you already childhood So let's repeat and our exercise First cheek fingers steel back teeth Now we make small
  • 08:30: zygomatic muscles put fingers under the upper lip and now we do zygomaticus muscles without fingers raise only apples very well the muscles have more of in scope than blue eyes so you should immediately feel voltage you might be even a slight delayed onset muscle soreness do not be afraid of it
  • 09:00: will talk about all right and we tried to do you will be pleased feel a new sense of tone in their muscles I'll I wish good luck to work over a meeting to we will next time with you will work at orbicularis oris muscle In our world of willow Exercises for the face fame allergies do not I could see you soon meetings, I'll see you