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  • 00:00: and often there will be a girl who is also publichen Aliyeva and starts his day simple yang oscar and the arrival of authority and windows Ksenia Sobchak, a socialite at the first time words to discuss divorce Anastasia Volochkova with us in the studio we meet the stage to determine the longevity of Andreas as you can see I am today in black under
  • 00:30: color radial so I understand that Many children today piano in the bushes KB hoarded arrest tell us and we believe that if this the transaction may be the reason for divorce I think I have an indicator of birds the police the mere fact what It innermost himself and I say this as a public person which is just as much in the open go as far as possible, even for I have a personal barrier is
  • 01:00: relations personal problems that can not be deal on people well, as you can come to their dirty laundry again in the next this lifestyle plain below all we do with Igor Problems sexy sexy it is not war it is that gave Mr. prevent wearing of quickly what you're talking about people public and it has the right give their own interpretation of what's happening
  • 01:30: that no journalists nor zhurnalyugi not mind other interpreters were not given their if you remember Andrew, I, too, have not been Different situation is also not distracted by wedding and wishes I constantly attributed to what is stories do you remember what it asked me to come to you and to tell about it, I have said Andrei topics on which I can speak openly who are willing to organize scandals show that the hope was private intimate and talk about a man who can be
  • 02:00: not at all important all this publicity about This accident which could Igor general already under the pillow Many conditions that he said the head of the Bureau holders died and now really financial difficulties 55 on the wall of the fact that you thought that they financial officious of scrapes hide my right to it all for us then rocket exploded a spade a spade recently held in white color let be honest wary long-downed to do so is another way to attract the next portion
  • 02:30: attention has once again turned his tattooed eyebrows do not face of the victim as a fallen angel, that's what I so sorry for such a beautiful and Igor Munib return it to the forthcoming York 1 who does not like it all, I think you are now sewn dissemble and if she would not have come not I have raised the question here at transfer we first started talking to plant is the world's attitude
  • 03:02: she had been to contribute annually such will be no Russians accounts it is not known support boat when it expelled a large theater and if it does not interfere Moscow's response to all this information and It would hush hush understand and the sale currency May May and 3 I Online rubles and as a general Anastasia got great as it was then she actually so great walk and could not friends but it is still
  • 03:31: clear and there was also another novel which I just think yourself unworthy speak because he is a man still my good friend, and so on so there is one gene beautifully past two and a half to January 1 this He knows the situation and Then it was all arranged here in such PR again Nastya dressed white swan main victim response to these I own but Sparta But if at you and at the same time continuing to you you know you can attack the north
  • 04:02: ask this then speed up Degrading Konstantin I want to tell Nastya that that for the year this passion for tremendous stress the most expensive I want to say and cut cut and can be an opinion families my dandelions maybe this one midlife crisis, we need to I can go to you to ask the groundwork tell me another question
  • 04:31: Please let's not about the subsoil Explanatory again I think we lovers but tell even look time though to some it is a pity and a rag in May direct speech about any of this men attributed or real that I I talked to gave at least some some detailed assessment of the people here because we it met and for that we just Stalin engaged in the swap and we sexual problems at least once on this from my, I do not understand that Alexei survey so
  • 05:01: itself does not lose but stranded recovery I just I want to say I will not give up the mummy yet Diderot astronauts can not see from here and so strong it by April 4 RIA Novosti and I know his ears heard and when they were publicly Daniel he many tourists have not I go without panties that this pleases us the most that neither is the combat power The situation was I
  • 05:31: Elena Lashkina so I want no They said a number of the role played Goalie Igor Didenko summing up the back and interest to discuss our assessment of divorce Senin the for there, and you've never been married and you know that Nastya and I think that the audience I agree with that Anand can be only such a prominent ballerina Russian stage which not only gave birth to the child she loved and that as it did not exist on their
  • 06:00: against her in this life is already well Many came to fame as ever it Do not try it even envy many people as if we do not treat it the situation is as you set out for it is Vocabulary this manner, it looks sorry you can understand, I do not know I hostess ballerina Makarova but not Volochkova could become a symbol for my 505 5
  • 06:30: opinion I do not impose it for someone This distrust of this fraud is probably not I share many of the costs 0 happening just kills me where there is no public name person and one thing about this Hleb said live with a public person and on this probably the person should be ready to it go but another thing expect from this public person that after breaking up, he begins to detail discuss your joint problems is vile
  • 07:01: and this happens in all Western countries when men after a divorce starts here to issue any Easter it condemns any details society I think that everything is interview that Guy Ritchie gave percent TV channel a week ago attention screen her bondage all the red thread on wrists yoga five times a young media I finally got the boys take the day I looked into his pounds life and nearly died from a heart attack singer I saw her curled dead
  • 07:31: loop camel tour was More terrible last time we were constant disagreements loud scandals Madonna and completely unbridled desire to adopt another baby I'm against all this, while barring the right people a lot years had not even noticed how it correctly his wife especially one known stars He says such details are here and so are you I think it will not hurt to hear what he
  • 08:01: It tells us many millions audience about what Lake of the dishes I learned that my wife bis gone over 100 th and the dark-skinned changes with them, I would have seen the footage, I would said producer and h1n1 all we are seen as a replica of the rule Hall that many of Jsc girls attack and flirt showbiz forget how to build and mil 5 to bring up children herself as one an example of which is trying to reconcile and which values ​​family and show business
  • 08:30: maybe if the act parallel road warning that is not how to authorities understand how yet She told how she prays and how here after Sunday's game prayer in the temple and at the same time yes I trial low glossy magazine it prints the photos with Kristin his daughter, you know, I can be China is less a religious man It may not be unique Sunday go to church but I believe that print photos Kristi him in his daughter must decide
  • 09:02: Of course the story about the fact that he threw revived flexible it does not repeat any criticism is not my husband He threw continue to meet pays attention came forward I did not answer I certainly would like to keep our relationship because you know when there was a question on which the find not own father what we have pressed for the last four years it was the love lights customs hence for growth and is not the most
  • 09:30: expensive car ran over her career After the first time in our couple when we do not We have time to discuss the work of laying Madonna and Jan will play Lepkova blow Cossacks still on a divorce Oksana Robski announced Article 3 as well, the third time to do it until report 100 if she Series buyers began to let them speak tomorrow at the same time