GALINA Lastochkina

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As the ballerina of the Bolshoi Theatre trains  See details »

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  • 00:00: you, I came after the end Academy work here four years our profession in general It requires constant load continuously training course and Snowboarding is very helpful feeling better internally since we with further heating each player is name comes from
  • 00:30: French I ordered each It is one of the other This system is already centuries helps us warmed up and improve [music] something that today I want to show it on the in the simplest case
  • 01:00: Basically preparation for engage in the beginning of the day it's simple Stretching the muscles and and and further consolidation the force in terms of rocking the press and back [music]
  • 02:26: Basically, my life mainly due to the in every theater
  • 02:31: the play is different load ie some more on some flexibility more on force some more on all depends on the balance of the fact that you currently time dance end Time Sunday already understand that if even Sunday performance such that I I have absolutely no power but when you go on stage and you see
  • 03:01: auditorium the spectators natural forces appears and you like if a new breath begin to work this target but because this one this one when you play transition, it is very pleasant feeling all once the family [music]