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  • 00:00: left to find out how said Mueller Clarity is also one of species fog left learn to Nikolai on what he aside because side fault of course on the side I always Tchaikovsky even physically you sit and physically morally and intellectually always for all Elena ready natal dress I liked it or you wearing today
  • 00:30: you also goes like this I did not cause and are not stripped grandfather very, very, well-matched color and all you beautiful really mastered the waltz and danced it very well I ' Andrew liked to a combination of all very it was beautiful put another matter of course for that the man who recently I began to learn dance do Only rotation Well the very beginning clear that can be a failure here but that's that most offensive Olechka
  • 01:00: that here today in this dance was at feet was very many decent you you know a little honestly I do not ever I was lukavlyu sorry that just now Your stiffness housing Pskov Nosta at In her hands she is very just ugly I made out and all that good that was in all your dance and that's all but not entirely liked yards and thank you of the full hd
  • 01:32: What do you think I have forgotten field prepare shelf it is now well and then find training is not the same also in this no more sure you want is to see the things I sure what you said me if Andrei will follow the room will show you I'm probably already there are special prepared Gym shoes here ie before or mosaic eyes are not fell issued or
  • 02:00: Policy Mykola you understand so that I would we made it otherwise than as different ending today you general promised me Two months ago Suddenly I actually but prepared I hope you will not Strahov me today I'm not Volochkova today the soldiers but give Olenka relaxed dress quiet all the bullying
  • 02:30: and that some have Homework exercises for no other threatened there is nothing to show I have someone we said you enter here will show hill show I mean you now I will say that I remember always said that that all the same here in our profession has some things very the professional there is such a card who need seek I like all against the pretentious because Freud is the most difficult trick general history Mid and ballet it's easy, I even
  • 03:01: less to do but this must be learned 8 Monetary than years and we will not let Now get prayer, I am able to Italian food just the fact that here in this situation there was one thing I just want it all explain if People said that I you will please do I do not speak I do not believe you can tactfully tell Thank you I said all right remove it and if you please like
  • 03:31: to say thank you on not so good do I say thank you please you make time said Anastasia when you dream so I always promised too I'll show you bastard He went on to promise I like to beat up the last and support all good thoughts and initiatives since It was good enough Sport has no had We have a very difficult attitude for life the most important thing that between us peace of mind therefore difficult not such support actually turns
  • 04:00: if I'll be honest I can say this forget not flow thin oh oh mom because all so serious that
  • 04:33: training you Olga Golodets listen It was very straight academic expensive Friends need to stabbing
  • 05:01: unscrew and therefore it takes that enjoys living Together with Olga, you You can view advertising on the channel Russia and to estimate, we proceed immediately after not