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  • 00:00: June 20 Moscow State Kremlin Palace be shown final performance students Russian Academy ballet named Vaganova today we visit Academy Rector Russian ballet run Nicholas Russian Artist Tsiskaridze
  • 00:37: kind of home Here's a look you you luxuriously you look both Brussels because thou hast walked up to come year market like I am at home home on your slippers training suit Canvas watch it all I'm not for you understand what you a combination of pathos and simplicity and naturalness but for yes all the people stick length Congratulations to the fact that
  • 01:00: is to understand the past several concerts already held in St. Petersburg that's not even ask how its rector walking General sweatsuit and t-shirts today audio output I trial has a flow rate well but what I yesterday He appeared on the scene the scene is understood by Arbo kadimity like walking differently everyday walk Well, how are you okay I tell how was How was the issue but cial not all to what I touch
  • 01:37: That ended our interview Kohl but if you can little did and this and seemingly quite enough development, we know me very like every just that you did not necessarily there are people which course rejoice and somehow take it as artists tmzh and is sure that find some filth now, thanks Internet can be imagined
  • 02:00: so much read here today I read myself that some there criticism wrote local that I allegedly full well what the Rooms from there removed because I go to with one foot in politics our equally dominant Party etc. only But when I read this between the theme of the single Russia seen in the graduate of rooms city so I when it became read and so we also how deeply sick people who thoughts come so
  • 02:30: even in such head it can be decided to become a well-deserved Russian critics and trying just such a manner well type real or are you you understand glory May no one do not rub too Now you still have your children are learn how they survive they too have Internet and also can not prohibit internet Say you somehow He tries to protect and when both the contrary they adjust to the fact that the fact that they are not upset here such criticism you I think you know that if a person he has brains He understands where purchased Where
  • 03:01: Well, some nasty It is written for the purpose of some do not have children are not they're so stupid better uptake than anyone about not these foolish children this is an example that you and set foot on exams discharge not only to plan for skill not only all in all distortion items please any truth is that when children do not rent for the first time literature, they then the person must I take it you do not Only literature it Anger ture story disease and geography personal retake retake how
  • 03:31: I aim you but because I'm a man I'm picky with when I start when the child starts answer inaccuracy times says The following 2 and they understand that while they not read at least here when I see that child read such as what work someone and I wrap on exam in the exam they are to resit I come to my the main thing that they but I read I suppose you let's ask how name Herman and looking
  • 04:02: some who poisons Alexei Jury or Alexei kid in peak to friends and what stupid let's questions well okay mother's maiden name, and how arena means well, why you hid underground by he diode left by people but This question should be immediately immediately clear reading you or not well Pomerania
  • 04:30: I help nee Anna let Karenina say kern I have two tips in me two in another and the situation was nice And when you come enough so that Wait do not understand here come with you bet and I'll tell you how student why you bone up on these names it is important to do not ask me asked difficult the question of what is dead I'm on Karina I answer literally died she died of she was a miserable prick but
  • 05:02: children and come with uydom easy subject for me geography literature geography vladivostok even says It was recently adopted as a very important I decided at the request of we do this we must open a branch in Waters in Vladivostok school it was then when you went away for so beautiful the city and now it Academy we we Now
  • 05:30: St. Petersburg are called to be stunned for speak school clothes when good on wiped with a name Vaganova thirties cinnamon when our schools is smeared stake so you know it all my spiteful critics have I said no such Now Tiande and and remember that Vladivostok and back Vladivostok we signed a governor agreement on that It should be opened must be open Academy that branch It will be like from the beginning
  • 06:00: first here in this year will target reception will take about 12 children look well, how many will come to reception and Able that they were in Petersburg's first year and then when get ready documentation building faculty part of that is, where are you will be greater I spend time I think somewhere over Russia then call so friends in Ufa advertising
  • 06:31: let Karina Now this or
  • 07:05: Kolya I remembered how name germane well, does it They did not call so right because He was a German, and there should return 2n accurately written and so we now just establish teacher to teacher hand head Ken will call and let crust and ask your students for a long time pupils pupils Russian Academy ballet named Vaganova please
  • 07:43: Well here is the answer to the first question can be Do sit 3 patch as a couch can hello girls dear girl the girl was from you the graduating class Want to tell how your name is Helen very nice and not salt dear girl let me ask
  • 08:00: you some questions about the first the first question that you will greatly benefit further very help further in study and your plan Estimates and in your Who is your career favorite ballet dancer we have for you cooked blitz you You need to choose the correct answer from
  • 08:30: of 3 and the arrow response to the first question you have a very tight training schedule what would you do if you turned out to be an hour free time option and walked without friends in the park option b would further ballet workout Alternatively, you watched to championship matches European Football b more like this Now I ask Karabas Barabas not respond well proceed to the second
  • 09:00: question so that from listed below dishes that I will list you would eat Now Boiled rice porridge on water as the years vanilla cream chocolate ice cream and flowers candied well as the spirit but the girls say Fig risk address w all will eclairs here on what a great
  • 09:31: Russian ballerina you I would be like Maya Plisetskaya Galina Ulanova Anastasia Volochkova you understand the same children responsible totally different children. but we rehearsed two o'clock and of course the most important that rules vaganovki to do when you meet the building College presidents Tsiskaridze option to make the play from the first position about shout chorus Good morning friend spectrum of its urban
  • 10:00: variant b after how it will need to whisper behind his back and does not genius went and option in no rules I want to congratulate you beautiful discharge from a distance as the Now, I want you do dance dance Cygnets dancing until the dance but may be for you it wants more Now however I am dead Yes, I always wanted to always at least I dreamed though as that to be
  • 10:30: ballet somehow I paced received eight days no one I invite to chat Now when you jump rapid method for show me and girl we use our headings Nicholas express please already finished why did you choose position 4 are swans first sheet
  • 11:01: closing and love because soloists out in the end you count so naturally come on tell me how it is necessary to take a stand for hands taking let's take handles so well, that's all vyvorotno become baths stake come on 30 Nature does not make the same and went to wires and then to We know about it to the left and all I can remember so good clothes you ready to be kind please man
  • 11:50: but celebration
  • 12:06: I thank you detain remember to take you deviate you know he was a disciple Kirkorov bank does not pronounce as Petersburg and then they will be friends Applaud please Nikolai
  • 12:30: Tsiskaridze you are beautiful pupils