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Ranevskaya F.G. \

Ranevskaya F.G. \"To Sho Vy Gryta?\" (Manka-spekulyantk's \"Storm\")  See details »

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  • 00:03: you want you do not have a registry office plan what you do not have watch it He comes to know I take back the same we will not not stolen hide from me what they take away your watch come see take away Suddenly he realizes countrymen We come in large numbers and on a visit so they gathered I have come to the same We do not sell stolen
  • 00:30: so why not keep my berg rule see the fire's Now check we learn first Let's get acquainted name and surname patronymic look I was not directly uncomfortable the entire network Our neighbors in my took Nastasya Nastasya and name I speak as a surname this is not the throat and I ban straw crypt swallowed
  • 01:00: she stuck me it replaced Nastasya force on Dubova malt oh no son lips and wrong she said Dubova Balls said talking so she thought it I took my repeated how you say so I'm talking about so I
  • 01:30: does not let against allow see this People sit and I I am against him burn itself what province balls province say a Kherson far but climbed not about to Volga Denikin not enough space here There you speculated themselves on health
  • 02:00: but I do not like to Denikin's new business is the chase you understand Commissioner framing us there and Timati I may have through Denikin became naked boss is not I left you longer necessary You then know how decent until you with you we sit quietly arrested tenacity turned as I disassemble not innocent of not Let y be changed truth but also our this is her
  • 02:31: long live peasants Soviet workers Know the power of cheers Commissioner as a mercy to wait and I Just as much as special I burned all until you came to her-bo age that speak how many years me I deem to
  • 03:00: I whipped Alipio marriage is not going on I have it from them I read that the stone 50 50 years Presidents also not I noblewoman it letter Miss Chan to Schork mat Miss model of the vat once who I have Wood was not willing farmers like me at the gate I moved immediately Terminated Omsk than
  • 03:31: Occupation Charite doing something you I'm a little too I deal in me and I than the main trades way me and I it know when Successive clutches of war goose board the gramophone so dress her all as it is decomposed Gramophone not sing the actress intelligent pimples color though
  • 04:00: you know what to rip I now grow John avalanche they took I same to me sometimes teams rats for it is not stolen strand and so they It does not come with him comfortably seated on the face and Where to get it junk Some understood take others about this take the goods address large section I will remember to call sharing for Well, name at least
  • 04:31: one by the name of balls by name at least one call because I have others you will not tell as I have my head is not held but time what a nightmare I cycle ore veins thread seed and nearly died party of the masses I am an orphan family
  • 05:01: position Charite husband says there is I do not boris so where do you live some cases a series of people live on the land live in the house good one question and let go Where to get contagious
  • 05:30: linen and what outfit take some belief Mom sadism anybody to Commissioner blades some underwear soldiers themselves you know take off your change to the bazaar Woods I got to do with selling linen and outfit English small we Prisoner of the amuse ran off points go away English they form one Advance something and you Do you have a lot of
  • 06:00: underwear Listen Maria Manko Karpovna cast playing the fool all know the famous I know everything that's you Job but most come to them
  • 06:30: We talk on the good Well than you know that is waiting for you speculation to go lean linen for you better around admit where and someone is staesh junk and who it helps you distribute say for cleanliness Well sit in jail but will vividly Will not say shoot
  • 07:16: can not my knife later he can yours do not talk like that I advise you to think thought to mini zak
  • 07:31: fish waste Shona smoke and give twist dislikes frost on I can not twist let me out cool cool Listen Turks Beppo
  • 08:00: the king of this Commissioner Now this a man sings So from funny to me it passed and I Now this boy It can be filled up in her I have one gold by the junta and the network you monograms What it some paper
  • 08:31: interests at gold then they came god and many here breshesh look eye me so I like this listen to me as well hours of wisdom female blockages I have here is to repent throws with stones stone and as a lamp money to go and life for a penny not
  • 09:00: Gold is not the royal Nikolaus some not excite my account will be empty me to think people spoke basic Our speed will come our mother's mouth will need which is not to be abroad is a good thing
  • 09:43: State gold will get you laughing and change your shirt I advise you to think that I said laughing change
  • 10:07: hands did not take see this result is not shot here this here I have checkmarks liner I fly learn to see to hell it did not pass our you around me will protect the stitches so I give you all the clans it means some shooting and my words
  • 10:30: Cave who decides then lured me Here at the mug dog is Bragin name He writes enlistment it works the fat he same with me, fetal death gun on me head soldered writes I mean to Romper-Bouroum of about 8 who found the way I did pure as a flower I did Peacock and not like this as the mantis sluhay sluhay mean me will protect the amount of points enlistment, he also running write layer