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Nadia Pavlova dances 1975

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  • 00:19: annually in the Permian It is the big day small ballet accounting concert Permian Choreography school
  • 00:30: This year the vote in Moscow hosted second international artists competition Ballet and it had try your hand future ballerina on
  • 01:26: a War still afraid
  • 01:49: after all let's I
  • 02:10: blank
  • 02:42: your perm viewer warmly received by her here is how there were Moscow says that demanding jury
  • 03:06: highest award Grand Prix large Theater of the USSR and gold medal awarded to student Permian Choreography School youngest the second Member State international contest artists Ballet was in June 1973
  • 03:30: it's like an explosion no one I expect such a success except that it is necessary to lurked in the hope and soul and teacher well-deserved Russia is not a teacher not art head Permian Choreography school Lyudmila fauna Sakharov I consider that to some extent she was lucky with or trip and why that I went on immediately after contest these the excitement that had been I would be associated with such a difficult and steep
  • 04:01: I ride the wine room because all that He had an act of child I gave all the competition of course tours in Nadi America was for her Press and very very responsibly event because it I had to act very close to big names cayenne in it Italy water and chef Sorokin Vladimir's real masters of the business is the people real artists Bolshoi Ballet from a capital letter and
  • 04:30: so you should immediately a plunge environment very highly and unprofessional and therefore was not very interesting and responsibility and wine for a long time and acted on his partners on competition Gordeev I want is already there there were many and hope drove Bolshoi Theater Semenyaka outfit also to It was a good dancer Godunov was Gordeev larionova good dancer in general pipe on variety interesting, and I think Nadia lucky force
  • 05:00: first tour All these lessons are life every day
  • 05:37: he
  • 06:51: the
  • 07:42: the very first theatrical debut contact with Vanya was to and d match or droplets I've been through drippings It has been many College graduates who later became recognized ballet masters
  • 09:03: a
  • 11:54: along with the classics test of strength today choreography
  • 12:01: sonnet choreography story based on engravings times aus Spit two eternal the eternal theme of love eternal as the world forever new
  • 14:51: the biggest event for Nadi This year it was speech play theater repertoire also charge at a very
  • 15:01: most complicated Work it works it that the very beginning school year and we did it only by the end of December at the I think the show It turned out unsuccessful she managed one performance there are things very good there are things that but need to be improved in itself this performance more responsibility certainly play very much for her and very helpful they are responsible grew very
  • 17:15: I soon and finish work their school work with Nadia salt and with other girls this class Now I myself have not yet imagine how it will look I have a feeling they will learn I have a long, long time from
  • 17:30: they leave school although I am well I understand that already time comes when they should let hard work and provide them independent way but not for me apply for life will be girls and top good and The bad side the nature of their successful unsuccessful works good and BlinkyTM with all worms news who have not they were 11 years old and quite crumbs and here seventh year, I am with them I teach at war, and eat all sorts of successes and failures, and
  • 18:00: joy from our creativity disorder of that we do not go out and many many many all experienced and therefore they certainly It remains for me temperate us girls long Dedov all variations of Minkus ballet and Don Quixote dances on to Paul
  • 18:48: a
  • 19:35: and never ended in shooting film Nadia Pavlova preparing discharge exams in front of her the road to the large and bright world art let her in this world always accompanied luck