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The tourist's furnace from an oil filter - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:03: Hello everyone dear friends, you They looked at me laboratory and today's video interesting idea and very simple design homemade tourism and stove for instant oil filter by the car and whining a stove we need filter could be Only from it can be It will horoshenechko wash oil residue further need one of Circuits speakers
  • 00:31: Unfortunately filter It has a convex bottom that is bad affect stability and devices and therefore it is necessary to take inwards It can be done either under the hammer press further
  • 01:00: hooks cut Thread to she could twist in filter thread and after cutting thread on named I remove the rubber valve filter
  • 01:41: after removal gum drill 8 I I am doing here and after opening All these manipulations can be filled fuel and furnace getting fit
  • 02:00: to work
  • 02:35: lacuna
  • 03:57: Here grows friends all you like Like video and put
  • 04:01: Do not forget but I subscribe to you briefly I forgive all until