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Layfkhak. Cracks on heels wonderful cream the hands  See details »

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  • 00:04: Hello everyone today I will show you how you can make cream that very good help cracks which is formed at the heel also this cream is very emollient that is, Who wants to have and gentle heels I recommend and it also kills all some fungal Here's the education disinfect very good smells all remove cream extremely good and yet there is such
  • 00:30: very peel elbows that's all peel off body You can lubricate it cream for that we It needs acetic essence cream butter jar small animals raw fresh but it bath and put fill completely plated that acetic essences we filled vinegar essence it completely covered egg close cover and send
  • 01:01: in a locker in the dark place for a week need to the shell egg fully dissolved recall that we take the egg raw A week has passed shell egg It vanished from among assistant help A week has passed shell solution and that's
  • 01:30: egg without the shell, she in general, that this release rough we happened We reach here formed plenochka here this film to shoot filmed plenochku and squirrel need is an egg knead it is soft it seemed
  • 02:00: dumped in a bag necessarily here this opus can be adding that It was such a gruel the film must be removed necessary because she was there with crime will remain on hands remain almost not very pleasant whisper size eggs and take oil oil I she took in advance apple and gently began here
  • 02:30: I add half a pack it there is a pack of 250 grams of I add 125 grams and that is all you need to stir thoroughly face and the oil that uniform turned Cream the egg I egg I rustic yolk are yellow egg I
  • 03:00: yellow because rustic home yolk in a general Orange if this turns thick mixture during add this one vinegar quite a little why are you like this long process needed all carefully whisk and beat down do you need it Of course the highest level What is not mixers there was not render all hand it to I turned the cream there is enough a lengthy process painstaking here
  • 03:32: It was such a air creamy quite nicely Here yolk drops in general should we get stored This cream glass jar and still I wanted to show something I have used quite a bit of vinegar somewhere probably 2 tablespoons all this we pour it we should not take a clean glass
  • 04:00: jar and we shift the cream in a jar and Keep refrigerated you can keep this 2 years Cream but always sign jar I now shift no plastic Tin cans are not use it here bitches acetic essences contained about the patrol that I
  • 04:31: I want to say about this cream main course to use for those who have cracked heels which delivers it is a lot of inconvenience very painful It means that it is necessary 8 to make the evening shower to smear the heels cream and put on cotton socks and these socks to bed and this cream helps all problems with their feet eliminates odor nasty fungal
  • 05:00: in general, all the problems associated with feet So I recommend it I tried to imagine do not regret and even for those who have there are no cracks in the heels if each day use This glue honey agaric glasses will be like a baby and I recommend you cover this jars to sign the I do have a receive construction tape pasting it Everything revolves serials and
  • 05:30: I sign straight foot cream I wish you all good health till a
  • 06:01: but us