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  • 00:00: Hello everyone today cook onion ring in batter fly off the table they are always a great success surprisingly tasty Products available time for cooking a lot need not medium onion size and cleanse we shall cut rings divide into ring by optional onion rings can be marinate add vinegar a little salt and pour boiling water and leave 10 15 minutes so onion rings get even tastier to prepare the batter in bowl pour 50 milliliters of water add one
  • 00:30: tablespoon 4 tablespoons sour cream tablespoons flour without slides eggs divide into yolks and whites [music] flour to add two yolk half teaspoon salt all good stir and set aside aside 2 protein whisk
  • 01:00: add to batter all good mix up uniformity batter ready [music] set aside aside in Put a bowl of 2 tablespoons flour add a little paprika stir onions rolled in flour a saucepan pour vegetable oil so that the onion swim ring
  • 01:32: trained onion rings Dip in batter and drop into hot oil fry on both sides until gold ready onion ring to remove paper towel went to excess fat Put the onion ring in the dish and We serve to the table with your favorite sauce I cream garlic appetizer get a very delicious by itself and also great suitable for beer subscribe to my write channel Insert comments Huskies look my
  • 02:00: other live video Avakyan his appetite and excellent moods