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FIKSIKI cake Decoration of cake a proteinaceous custard Cakes without mastic  See details »

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  • 00:02: [music] Hello my channel today will cream decorating cake that's 100 characters hero toe is from the movie Fixiki cake I decorating for a boy birthdays I drew risunochek and put it I've found this to draw
  • 00:30: I like drawing always black chocolate or rather chocolate frosting that's the way I am icing It melted in a water bath and now shift and yang I'm such a kornetik kornetik made
  • 01:12: like that edge kornetika I glue scotch tape a little bit I cut off the edge kornetika that's all
  • 01:31: you can draw drawing [music] [music] [music] [music]
  • 02:09: [music] [music] [music]
  • 02:48: [music]
  • 03:01: Figure I'm ready now it is sent to the Refrigerate for a couple minutes to chocolate I froze such risunochki often draw chocolate frosting I buy in tiles You can also draw usually black chocolate now I loan with decoration cake tell little about stuffing cake I have here vanilla biscuit this recipe I've got a biscuit its size on channel 20 30 in the interlayer me
  • 03:31: It is roasted peanuts of chocolate cream chocolate cream in my oil I took 300 grams butter 200 grams of a white condensed milk 2 tablespoons cocoa a little more vanilla added cream cut in butter He added condensed milk in end added cocoa All the mix, and vanilla Now this has turned very tasty chocolate cream and Now I will cover the top cake and a little
  • 04:00: protein cream, I immediately cream already prepared and will decorate the tank cake side of the cake it does not show because they think so people are all very
  • 04:30: simple and easy I show clear you always assembly such as cake 3d cake, or I cut some of the figures and of course the cake this show be sure and then I I think anything interesting but if Of course you want see the assembly of here too simple or complex cakes that write me comments I have this process will also show
  • 05:20: I also always I cover a little bit sides of the cake you can not do but because now is hot summer time to the more and that about me resistant oil cream
  • 05:30: it too little It can be seen on the sides for so that I do not worried that somewhere something and at arrival can move out Turks will be on the road to all well on the sides I kept the cake like that a little bit I cover it with cream
  • 06:48: I'm a chocolate image He has pulled out of refrigerator and now I will carry it on cake
  • 07:29: carefully
  • 07:30: Smooth all Circuits to all It remains on the cake and accuracy shirt that's how I'm going to paint the protagonist should be for this blue and blue I enjoy today that's so blue I dye it I buy in bulk
  • 08:00: is there a manufacturer China I do not remember exactly not I'll talk to you then open I take a jar like this a little bit on the edge of the spoon dye and this is how directly in dry form I add it to the cream, he Now in the cream dissolved and all knead well
  • 08:32: paint I'll be the hero here such nasadochka is closed star on the the style number 26 mm in my yes I'm number 26 I paint the like this light blue face and then I will already making out further more so saturated blue color
  • 09:01: [music] [music] [music]
  • 09:43: [music]
  • 10:11: [music] [music]
  • 10:30: [music] [music] small details I will
  • 11:00: dorisovyvat with and using kornetika Blue cream won Carnatic and here such small dots paint the small Details on the cake here is a nozzle closed on the star 5 leaves
  • 11:30: 33 is the number I draw cake top I'm just a white light cover with top of cake Now such number of stars beside [music] [music]
  • 12:08: [music] here is a great nozzle as a path see I have it with But with one hand such teeth with on the other hand Now this flat nozzle cream white, and I will draw up sides of cake
  • 12:31: Now can someone out you say think that at first make out tobacco then top cake there can of course some rules cream decorating I decorate cakes but since I'm comfortable I first up decorate . when it's a cake coloring I make out and then up tank and curbs
  • 13:00: here are striped the sides will have to the cake [music]
  • 14:12: sides of the cake completely I want a little bit steal here such stars of mastic much much Stars do not leave but so will It was little to points of brighter
  • 14:32: [music] [music] [music]
  • 15:10: and here is the cake already I prepared without such cake about 200 kilograms protein-custard for decoration I preparing 4 protein I remind you that the size Cake 20 30 biscuit for this cake I Bake for 8 eggs here
  • 15:33: a cake for boy bones 4 years old I am today adorned on my Channel already cakes Fixiki cream cakes and if you interesting too can see such Video references on them and leave under this Video Well on Today all thanks you for your attention leave huskies Comment subscribe to my channel and to new meetings all bye bye
  • 16:00: [music]