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  • 00:00: make-up every day First step make-up face for quick daily makeup needed concealer
  • 00:31: council Apply concealer and foundation on back of the hand the texture to be the same temperature point your then your body makeup It will be less noticeable and more resistant point movements Apply concealer on the area around the eyes and gently blend phalanges at
  • 01:01: Foundation put on face council to pick up Foundation Apply colors to wrist on the inside of the hand choose shade which is more is identical with your skin color blend tone latex cream sponge or phalanges fingers if there is on the face with minor flaws using konsillera
  • 01:31: then hidden carefully shade face powder fix your makeup and protects your skin throughout day using simultaneously foundation and powder their shades must the same advice for applying powder better just take the brush
  • 02:02: then powder distributed more evenly sponge fit if you not use foundation or Apply powder to remove shine in during the day powder the area around the eyes eyelashes and lips so eye shadow and lipstick lipstick will stay longer and the lashes will be more volume of powder the nose chin and forehead the so-called
  • 02:32: T-shaped zone blush necessary means to correction of facial contours and give the skin freshness and radiance blush irreplaceable tool for each women for correction advice Use two persons shades of blush darker color We put on the zygomatic arc sponges do fish also this shade put on the bottom
  • 03:02: chin and more lighter shade of blush put on is the area cheekbones and smile make ready for the next step 2 step makeup 1 eyeshadow shakes and causes on hand for more easy use for gently brush makeup you need a set of brushes do not take
  • 03:32: large brush feathering before applying shadows necessarily shake the brush not subject to showered the right advice using a mirror will help you make perfect eye makeup mirror not keep before a lower it below to get your eyelids were lowered down Apply the darker eyeshadow on
  • 04:02: area through crease of the eye shaded brush take light shade shadow expressly and average Brush for applying applied to the inner eyelid and on mobile eyelid lighter shade can be mixed several shades it will make the make-up more stylish for example, use basic light color and two shades more dark
  • 04:32: Black pencil Eye for use underscores a ciliary lines Apply Eyeliner century with the help of beveled brushes a clear line and good staining ciliated contour Council for an clear staining try to brush put directly on eyelashes and lead both on a clear line line can
  • 05:02: retouch thinly along the arrow lash well sharpened pencil for more bright makeup resistant suit eyeliner not directly eyebrow pencil always emphasize the bending line and eyebrows clear facial contour Council no longer need paint strokes and much pressure on pencil pencil
  • 05:32: eyebrows to lure Powder Foundation creates natural bayonets use it from all eyebrow surface applicator scratching on the other end pencil Brush or brush on nylon base with hard bristles will help you shade and hue give eyebrows well-groomed finishing touch eye makeup is Remote Cutting eyelashes should paint since mid-century first
  • 06:02: outer half and then inner mascara applied to the roots the tips of the eyelashes council the longest eyelashes you can paint over most closely small and short lashes in the inner corner and the eye lower eyelid better color hold brush vertically after application one layer is necessary give a little bit of mascara the second layer has dried applied wherever
  • 06:32: must be at the tip Russia the outer edge or 3 step makeup contour pencil Lip should tone match lipstick lipstick and modern make-up is such that Pencil does not to be advice so lips look well counter need to spend just above 10 and vice versa
  • 07:02: full mouth recording. Spend circuit lady husband naturally at the edge Start from the center upper lip I draw from the corners to the middle then lower lip draw a line from pigs Take lipstick and lip gloss that You will use and put them on a hand Lip Brush It helps make flawless makeup course for
  • 07:32: daily fast make you well you can use traditional way applying lipstick but when you work you brush draws all small wrinkles on the surface color of the lips form and stored longer appear ideally we put lipstick all over wood surface Apply to the middle would to give volume and radiance be beautiful and simultaneously
  • 08:02: course with makeup angry money who cares about your skin