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  • 00:01: hello today I want to offer you tie pattern taken from journal crocheted products for seventy the third year is also old shabby We learned a lot or few Now this pattern diagram This pattern is associated children support
  • 00:37: I tied him acrylic yarn Pashenka Obreja volume very easy to fit It has a volume as the you see the same look that the front side of that very start throws cells
  • 01:01: tracks beautiful out of it it turns the volume tickets vests where required to share and I squeezed shape well fit and well I dial odd and the number of loops starting from the second loop from the hook provyazyvaem all the first row of columns without sc
  • 01:34: We begin knitting 2 series 1 air loop it will rise Now knit Each column of the same elementiki ie one air loop Knit and immediately column, without sc 1 loop knit 2 a Group 1 2 As would lifting chain and
  • 02:02: one loop two columns with sc February 1 Well what two air made This is understandable but for Lifting that about knit 2 column all next loop column, without sc and all said it then repeat here
  • 02:30: this element as the report column without sc 1 2 2 column with next sc loop that is 1 column, without sc on next loop 2 column with sc and which it is formed 10 Now no bar nakida you see go wave January 2
  • 03:03: next loop and so the entire second row These knit elements of a column without sc chain of two with two columns sc Well, in different loops column, without sc two columns column
  • 03:30: sc without two column at the end of series we're left here it chain of two on it column, without sc These two loops should stay second row 1 2 3 the chain of 3 now Now look at us
  • 04:00: column, without sc and two columns with sc and chain then the column again without sc sc 2 knit chain will second master once the hook 2 columns with the sc there's these two column and not pushing the McGrath on it provyazyvaem column without nakida here so that
  • 04:30: have to perform chain lifting and immediately raised column, without sc on remain behind chain January 2 this chain of two column with sc when the garden it turns out this elements of the transition then here we have column, without sc
  • 05:00: two-bar chain We are pushing the two column, enter a second hook in girth of a column without 2 nakida air and on the chain of two column first king
  • 05:31: Proceed to the next my two column the second column without nakida lifting loops 2 and from behind the arc of 2 stitches 2 column
  • 06:00: They are already taking form at the expense of relief relief column and a third knit without row at the end of the third row column two spades air on a chain 2 column and concludes column, without sc here we had
  • 06:31: Air sc loop finished third row lifting the chain of three and all major 3 kinds of knit as a right Here we have a group of two bars and chain column without sc 2 possible and
  • 07:04: chain two columns Permian go to the next group wave It shows here they are these groups where wave dropped column, without sc here at the relief in girth is two
  • 07:31: and pushing the poor on a package without a column sc on the chain of two girls column remind someone quickly youtube settings and Deliver find wheels insert less speed
  • 08:01: we continue knitting the pattern in the same order Rid all and start further chain three finish column, without sc