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Flowers from skin mk with sharp petals from squares. Leather Chast1  See details »

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  • 00:05: [music] y for bloat
  • 00:41: he Gangneung today I again want to do flower leather ki flowers made without pattern and I want make flower acute petals type and asters or he chrysanthemums in general the small size pork skin I dense enough oh
  • 01:00: processed on it beige and out it he carved out on square and for the first time today try to make a flower out squares ie cut out squares in the I have here a case of 6 squares they differ square measuring 1 to 4 a half to four and a half each subsequent grandfather is different mm 2 on more of anything previous Now our squares need cut into petal
  • 01:31: very deep in me dense bad treated so act all they previously it you must first to treat the skin adhesive solution only after that cut but in this I will do case otherwise I first I cut out parts of them sand here are squares and then I will take the contract square add up it diagonally not Here are tips here
  • 02:00: isolated and this here seredinka criticism it is possible and even a little bit define cutting now we need to cut everything in Xena petals it is like this that is beginning in the middle of no although somewhere Sante me Here, too, in the center But in this case, this square will do leaves a width that if you
  • 02:30: I wish there case I want to do is not very a bit of not cut off this hand slightly Mode Region Now we are sending stack up country our seredinku see our sredinku same We do more petals from just cut off the other end side so we
  • 03:01: It turned out to be yet so now we we add our Circuits like this here these triangles We do the same on Center in the center symmetrically to do These are the petals tips for on the one hand and, on the another country sheared and now see here two aspiration details of which we
  • 03:31: must cut two petal the date of the beginning it will make one side that is here as if they should be here we are today not here to It passes them so I amp I am Now here is to align the meaning they have They suck themselves round other that you Now we were here These two or three of us this can be cut
  • 04:00: here's how to deal with a couple of 1 inconvenient to you turn see what turned him These were hand we do add up again and center do pulled petal Now ready to clean But with this side of the us two lobes that my informants second
  • 04:30: petal Now on the other hand here again with that we do it two, and even without the mess problems and see that It turned out not so Sleepy steel square we have turned these Squares need here do as much as I want first told you what I would do 6 details in I really He made eight to
  • 05:01: otherwise there will be a flower teach once even 8 petals fish Peskov squares These are not enough details and did eight of them are now We proceed to the processing of Our part of the curve ra fall to pieces plastic treat our items are created ie bahtarmu me here to the skin that, in general, that he choose where again because it is all as if erased and merge with the wrong side and
  • 05:30: We impregnate found talcs left solution ladies case there is an advantage you need to brush use a sponge such as a convenient and Depending on in Basically you do decide whether it is It could be convenient sponge of solution I each spoke Skin every skin chosen their own the proportion of the alignment and checked on at small piece skin compromising worked Eat
  • 06:00: see how it firmly separation or Rashevskaya is necessary The solution is made less usually saturated making a solution of 1 to 3 and one to five but is that 1 family Dimka take part pva glue on the four parts Example rulers So this is it four natural more water is our item when ready we postpone it that she liked soaked and so way impregnate
  • 06:30: fully our eight parts, and so Now I am a little mouse after Circuits processing cool oh dried up like this here's my side of this are treated glue it works that does not processed with glue it is still a little bit Here you can see the brave Now we will not waiting for drying its tint color me We are asking for that paints German wild fit May I put textile no paint on the wrong I
  • 07:03: I do not know for textiles Arba German do not know French company Riker 401 I think I looked and These are the colors so will I prefer to paint and painted hands and I will be painted two sides slightly impose imposes on straight surface hands thoroughly
  • 07:30: rubs can say I checked these paint already dry Details about already painted details I dried them right means the spotlight which in general is excellent do laundry all it is necessary to boil landings ebb and I rubbing and tried wash them off the skin me just say no It turned out that there
  • 08:00: Paint good about why I tried She did such an experience because something like that I had written one girl that after a brief all clothing is so spoiled here I checked these Only these colors generally all I check yet here I got into a paint result very good immediately I tell
  • 08:34: Here promazyvat and more One of these I want say here treated It handles all the same better to paint paints after after when we have all petals ie all cut not just now ready to paint namely the square here to paint petals have already ready because one case we have stain, as if
  • 09:02: Now he is a god of our cif lateral petals but part lepestochek that's what happens at she whether on the one hand where already see NOT, there It can then be open here for example here a little with regard to foot-hand immediately afterwards honesty and paint over it very well
  • 09:31: It rubs here and left icon I also well just do not always have Skin color can be found that's right here using paint such acrylic and I often it still acrylic It is not written effective acrylic paints so beautiful blue us get all when we stain
  • 10:00: We rubbed into the skin in this paint leather It becomes a little one hand like would like to no longer thicker and the other country and on the grid It is becoming compliant policy soft like that I to paint too You can take it between the hands grasp the skin effect is It will be very good as the petals from We say that Tahitian
  • 10:34: Skin leg stretch herein as just one and Circuits She looks at me that's the way we Now a little bit Spread here to expand it we have it in general in his blood and not dry so that's mean even you still need to give little it
  • 11:00: dry and then go to treatment in this way I dyed completely all eight parts our flower