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Homemade Soap Liner - Making Spun Honey

Homemade Soap Liner - Making Spun Honey  See details »

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  • 00:10: hello everyone Ione from a scarred handmade soaps here and today I'm going to be making a spun honey salt but I'm also going to be testing out this liner that I made out of cutting boards and just cut it to the inside of my mold and
  • 00:32: then duct-taped it together anyway I am going to be testing this out and so that's why I'm doing a video on this I don't know how many would be interested in making something like this for themselves but I thought we would see how it comes out anyway the soap recipe is a Basseterre with canola added and I
  • 01:01: am super fating with unrefined African shea butter I'm just coloring with honey and vanilla and I'm going to be using milk and goats milk in the recipe as well so I'm just going to kind of do this speedily the making soap part and so we can get to the outcome okay thank you
  • 03:30: you I don't know how much of the last segment got cut off and I don't have time to watch it because my soap batter is getting really thick I just put it together I took some out and a color did with the honey and vanilla the rest I added my wild flowers and honey fragrance to that I just love it smells
  • 04:00: so wonderful and I'm going to be doing a a spoon swirl sort of today for this so could even mold it up here
  • 04:30: as you can see it is getting kind of thick already just using the two colors because I want it to look pretty natural having such great nice and greedy ants in it I thought that would be good idea
  • 05:10: I do want a lair oops I do want a layer of the the colored on the top because I'm going to be putting a bubble wrap in for the The Beehive look
  • 05:30: so I hope I save enough out hard to tell sometimes I think I better save the rest so the balance of the white in
  • 06:56: okay instead of a spoon I'm going to be using this end of my spoon here so
  • 07:15: just sort of going down on one side and then I'm going to turn it around into it the other way I don't mind if this gets a little mixed
  • 07:31: up because I think that'll be pretty for the spun honey look okay I think that's all I'm going to do it
  • 08:00: now I got a spoon this on actually it's pretty thick I don't really think it's going to go down in there so I'll just try to pour this but just can't hear
  • 08:46: I need to get myself some spatulas with extra-long handles on it for these containers they are kind of deep but they're really nice to use
  • 09:27: okay I'll just even this out a little
  • 09:32: and then probably pound it down once more I don't mind if some of the white comes through on some of the indentions be
  • 10:01: kind of pretty probably okay let me get the bubble wrap I'm going to take my gloves off for this
  • 10:30: because it's really hard to handle bubble wrap is that them on start it one in and kind of poke them in sure you've all probably done this before it's no
  • 11:12: there we go so that is spun honey and then I will show you how it comes out of the mold as soon as it's ready I'm not going to be gelling this this has milk and titanium dioxide in it two things I
  • 11:30: don't gel and in fact I'll be keeping my my hands on the sides of this to see if it gets too warm if it does it'll be going in the refrigerator for a while so I'll be back when this is cured for about 24 hours see you then well it's been 24 hours and I'm going to unmold this now what's hoping to have a little
  • 12:01: bit better light for this for the filming but it's very cloudy outside today so I had to put a lamp on in here I hope the Lighting's not going to be too bad I taped these little sides down I put these little ends on here across the the mold for protection of the mold when I pour and also to give me some little handles to pull it out with so
  • 12:32: let's see if that works Oh works very nicely okay so far so good oh I want it well I'll show you after that if this works okay okay I'm just going to pull the sides away that seemed to be alright it's a little soft yet maybe but not too bad
  • 13:04: see if it's pulling all the way down it is quite soft yet you see if I can turn this over and have it come out don't think I got it pulled all the way away from the bottom let me get am a spatula and make sure
  • 13:30: that it's pulled away all the way to the bottom okay I was hoping to get this out of here without undoing all the tape of course that's always something I can do and
  • 14:03: then retype it together okay now let's try I guess that's what I'm going to have to do rip the tape apart and retype it okay that works pretty nice it is
  • 14:31: soft yet but we'll see I had to put it in the refrigerator for a while because it was heating up so it's the risk with milk this is very soft think if I had a nice hard bar this would work pretty well though I used these um this cutting
  • 15:09: board in a 8pv pipe when I did some round soaps and it worked really well just slid right out and came off really nice so I think the the recipe here is the issue that out a little snip that
  • 15:35: out a little okay it looks like it's going to work good I'm very happy with it won't have to use freezer paper I can make one of these to fit each in my molds and I think I will be doing that I didn't get the rather flimsy cutting boards from
  • 16:03: the dollar store I got these little bit thicker ones but they are flexible cutting mats this is what I got the mainstays ones so I will cut some of these bars up and then put posts and pictures of them okay thank you for
  • 16:31: watching appreciate it bye you