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  • 00:00: there is a certain whether those once Who invented here so take and go people and meet all and think that they populist footwear bright stuffed Abram and Tyson so is called author of the text to the song and I would not I learned not to become prepare to performance of Larissa the valley that will save not just one but a whole conquer the Jewish songs Larisa Dolina and
  • 01:20: shalom smoke rum I Shalamay but
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  • 05:00: yes I did but Hanuman a freak know Cassandra Well, I in 20 I came to the council
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  • 06:02: about in short course full de arbors garden but the question Larisa Xan where such extensive knowledge and here here here
  • 06:30: let's up to you It may sound than Ironically hear this issue is know all know and your name, too, I know standing as growth somewhere else estuary You want just now then it is better to first taught not Jewish proud of it friendly like this Yes of course it is clear it all really a real texture same possible when Soviet years probably songs It sounded so widely
  • 07:00: so that the period of his Video had to change and government in Soviet time because the fifth Count it was sentence By the way here you are right. always be in every too often It tells the story composer Arkady Ostrovsky it once at the beginning his career and statutes He advised to change his name surname exactly that same reason, they say Why array Kobzon it is necessary so to clear was Yuri Zolotov Iosif Davidovich was Iosif Kobzon but as to Kobzon very loud beautiful and mine was not
  • 07:30: I very sound you bad to the Delmas nougat on It does not sound like it is not Mom sounds surname Mom valley way she, too, I'm Jewish I do not know why we We will ask fat but at the measurement Just in case, we ask so we ask such pure as this is now everyone will appreciate such sucking if a person does not love and does not respect their
  • 08:01: will never love and respect someone else is obviously Oh really Larochka is proud to Jewish people and not only but I'm really I say as it is Here I am happy that if my daughters Jewish blood my Ira half Jew here is their do more even more beautiful schastlivy more smarter so I want
  • 08:32: give thanks shop for you with our lives George it hurt to come so try it let's hope straight from the shoulder chop course with shoulder I adore you these friends and this pointless to try and ryadit folk Artist of Russia you know many generations and people love love respect and the fact that it is now show
  • 09:00: their attitude to national tradition, culture honor and praise clever fellow brilliant highest I admire the aerobatics And now a little bit come and now I'm straight zhist Jew and I too, Aunt Sarah and Aunt He has been living in Denmark Hope aunt was also pulls I thought why she does not look like these Jewish profiles why I do not pulls back home I want to
  • 09:30: say there some aunts are not well has not important I value my friends Is this but about Jewish Cossacks rebelled is very a synthesis of steep I I want to tell you and Then the Cossacks it not nationality Cossacks is a class and in this class were people of different nationalities important that they They believed the same He loved his family and women their loved home and so loved further understand here so this is the main
  • 10:00: what makes Laurent she loves life, she love scene she loves She loves what she is and of course making and impress may not I'm sure to be even that the People's Artist Russia bravo to you Lara thanks engines I ask you to press button and make their opinions I think that Creative Valley is not I have the right of destiny
  • 10:31: He said as a hotel yes you the green light Che and we have something else we there are already three good points received left only Taisiya Povaliy Larisa Dolina unique singer such as a channel in the world you can count on fingers therefore, such a voice who received it from God and do not know it be earned probably and probably ancestors were very good people
  • 11:00: because that's what you I received such a gift a great voice completely level and you have also very beautiful corner but we are now not talking about me, but I want to tell you what When I first you heard of radio I cried I, I I really burst into tears even before it was a long and then I really here I am thought as the world's life
  • 11:30: such a beautiful voice it was you Larissa Thank you that you there thanks thanks wishmaster and why you need it in we have 4 assessment delivered four score obtained but after all the rest relax God my yah this matter River thanks and thank you also
  • 12:00: 4 points