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Turmeric for joints - treatment of arthritis and arthrosis  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] turmeric has thousands of years culinary uses purposes but also for the treatment of its human using the same number this amazing
  • 00:30: spice capable rid plurality diseases and violations unless of course it correctly eat today we will talk about the most effective recipes with turmeric to joints British scientists proclaimed turmeric best means to healing joints especially arthritis unique therapeutic properties of yellow Indian spices can not be silenced excruciating pain and smash inflammatory processes in the body
  • 01:00: Turmeric belongs to number and ginger used for appointment in integral kind dried roots still powder a position to this is one of the most popular spices in cooking but the eastern healers are it more seriously calling it natural aspirin turmeric ascribe healing set of drugs qualities is disinfecting anti-inflammatory hemostatic
  • 01:30: and soothing The current members the plant roots It includes most useful curcumin component that destroys causing substances inflammation of the joints according to researchers Turmeric for joints it is currently salvation acting alone or in pair with other food such as kefir meet ginger or milk it blocks pain syndromes prevents progression diseases
  • 02:00: eliminating the inflammation in body recipes You can also use to prevent joint sores but before use dried roots plants should be warmed on an oil or fat to activate nutrients curcumin and the same It refers to a powder it must be soaked for A couple of minutes sunflower or any other oil one of the means which operates it flawlessly
  • 02:30: golden milk one golden milk of the most effective funds for healing affected joints the recipe was born born Indian yochomi and for his you manufacture need the following products 2 tablespoons turmeric 1 cup milk as a glass water honey and butter 1 teaspoon turmeric pour water boil on low heat for 10 minutes
  • 03:01: unceasingly stir you must be formed thick paste then it needs to be cool shift in glass container and hide refrigerator expiration of such term Paste 1 month heat the milk does not bringing it to the boil and add 1 a teaspoon of paste turmeric drink for improve the taste properties can be add honey and butter gold account
  • 03:31: milk is taken on for 40 days morning or sleep coming year recommended spend no more two courses several recipes ginger arthritis do healing powder mix turmeric crushed root ginger and honey all take the ingredients in equal parts take drugs 3 times a day for half teaspoon before meals
  • 04:01: 2 recipe Mix turmeric one teaspoon minced ginger 2 teaspoons also We need to take red ground pepper half a spoon divorce need ingredients mustard oil previously Of course it warming you should succeed its pulpy mixture you need to put on cotton or gauze cloth and attach to the the affected area
  • 04:30: removed after 2-3 hours with yogurt that is, kefir recipes Turmeric helps in Nine times out ten and so need take half a liter boiling water black leaf tea 4 tablespoons piece of ginger about 1 centimeter half a liter 2 tablespoons of buttermilk spoons of turmeric pinch cinnamon and one a tablespoon of honey turmeric tea
  • 05:01: ginger and cinnamon need pour boiling water and to insist when the infusion Only then cools add the yogurt and honey are all carefully mix and take 1 every day in the morning or during the day length of treatment two weeks as turmeric It can be used in a tea for him preparation needed take half a teaspoon spices and just
  • 05:30: Pour hot water add to it a teaspoon of honey and drink in the morning or evening for 14 days You can do anti-inflammatory compresses Take 1 teaspoon spoon of turmeric chopped root ginger half a spoon Take 2 tablespoons spoons of natural honey all components mix will Lent mixture put on a clean gauze fabric and attach to
  • 06:00: what has been said by spasms site for two hours wrap top warm scarf Another recipe for compress take one teaspoon turmeric 2 tablespoons coffee grounds cinnamon and fine salt 1 teaspoon Olive oil is one tablespoon before starting the procedure a massage lesion then the mixture Put the place of the captured
  • 06:30: inflammation and wrap up first gauze cloth Why warm scarf time action compress two o'clock complex procedures should be spending every day for eight ten days as there are contraindications despite amazing healing the effect of the recipe turmeric for joints I have also contraindications they are due strong biological activity spices so
  • 07:00: before use facilities strongly recommended consult with experts Turmeric is forbidden to reception when a gallstone disease because driven stones and blocks zhelchevyvodjashchie channels a tendency to allergies individual intolerance turmeric women position and lactating Yes mom also a tendency bleeding so as spice It thins the blood people who
  • 07:30: preparing surgery operation and so whether turmeric is useful to answer joints affirmative bright yellow Indian spice is a valuable for patient discovery the body natural in subject correct proportions Today all Dear friends take care of yourself [music]
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