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ENISIYa cardigan coat (on solid ladies) Part 1 (Introduction, calculations)

ENISIYa cardigan coat (on solid ladies) Part 1 (Introduction, calculations)  See details »

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  • 00:01: Good day dear I have all of you friends welcome to my channel all their subscribers and all those who have not yet signed guests my channel those who have not signed up, I I urge you subscribe and maybe you something find interesting for myself I already a lot of videos on channel If not yet possible
  • 00:32: did you find interesting future and so this is my video It will be devoted new mine project namely knitting Cardigan Street already we have comes fall and want to have something to knit
  • 01:00: autumn and winter so I these beneficial summer working I now hook I want to really go It has long been on the spokes because I'm from Hook's tired I'll knit from here this yarn is Caucasian yarn 50 50 percent wool percent acrylic
  • 01:30: three thread adding this thread sold in I could of bought it even last year the case is not very expensive and remained very pleased so I decided to link more of a cardigan strings for yourself I want to tie a thick
  • 02:00: Now show pattern pretty fat turned here It will be linked to related he English gum the whole I absolutely have somehow I said that when He was in hospital I saw a woman in a cardigan cardigan coat coat and me very very
  • 02:30: I liked it too solid solid size but very cute on it looked hope we will not look the same cute I but there is one cardigan too warm, he dense thick and it is more back to the deep Autumn and I want this that he was more or less give chat and it is not quite such a hot but I think that He will warm because that since
  • 03:00: present in the yarns, wool, and also I acrylic, and I'm telling you that pretty the plump yarn more so after How else to wear it slightly compacted this yarn here and I let you then tell I yarn about you I said and knit
  • 03:31: I will like the spokes of Agia see wooden knitting needles, I do not they know bamboo or what very comfortable to me I liked and I knit poison already I bought in the past year I was still able to buy so I bought and it means much I need yarn for now, I can not say it because I like
  • 04:01: I always start knitting process a lot of our new I somehow felt like it and it felt like it and the end result in I have often is not such as I but I began to come up with as it were, here original idea in I see this is will collar collar is and the high turn-down
  • 04:30: here there will be buttons there will be three or or four buttons and it will be such that its It can be done double collar and can be and will undo Eton's gate will hereinafter Planck will also buttons are buttons and much I will even yet I do not know here, too or will clip or
  • 05:03: gum will also yet I can not I did not say yes said that I knit raglan and I will knit your favorite by clan I really love knit yoke and really I love to knit raglan can someone not like as I have love I have almost all things are connected yoke and Rigla us here let's continue
  • 05:31: We go through the standards As always I measure Me, I measured the Duma changed my parameters or not for while I last time exchanged you know slightly decreased but I will not change because these parameters that maybe I'm under this cardigan I will wear something warm because Now I Mirka Of course the home the clothes are made and how
  • 06:02: I will add add 5 centimeters for free allowance I took the neck 65 and the lion wanted to start 58 loops considered that two Loop am am significantly later even well because or you will collar once any such and would like that a little bit It was here on freer because a handkerchief or
  • 06:30: scarf or tippet or it is possible that all want underneath let's pry if the collar turndown if we assume will can cooler will this collar fasten and will all the heat I decided to make 60 loops then drew circle divided into three parts which I distributed initially 20 of loops on the back and 20 loops
  • 07:02: on before I planochki I will knit separately so the bar in I do not take calculated's 10 loops I let on the sleeve means then when I did calculations on the back of I and left 20 but I will still be the same drink lei leaving Raglan
  • 07:31: here to me were seen where I make allowances in I decided to commercials take one loop I I did not take with These loops back and I decided to take a forehand why because I will go
  • 08:00: another plank That means here too, with 10 stitches, I removed for good measure account in the 1 st early and gave here in advance as a result at I came here 22 initially loops Then when I was 22 4 loops are taken away He gave no advertising
  • 08:30: I got 18 ie loops first I will go May 18 I'll knit I shared 9 sprout loops into three parts I I will not do big germ is not necessary too much deepen do only to It was a good fit not attracted to not pulled back in front
  • 09:00: that's why I divided into three part of my arm well, I will knit I already told I'll knit it there distribute loop thus that begin here knitting need me Here is the place for example I start knit here in this side provyazyvayu loop Petlyura clan 3 captures the loop
  • 09:32: I have Raglan I start here I was adding later I show some advertising as Raglan line I draw to what was that cute and to she somehow I stood out from my English gum here I will go to that place and I make raglan jerseys and allowances and knit 3
  • 10:00: I then loop I turn around in the opposite side and now This site knit coveted line will allowances and knit these three loops then returned provyazyvayu all and provyazyvayu 3 following loop then returned provyazyvayu following 3 loops back and
  • 10:30: provyazyvayu next 35 And when I Knit pattern in me well here at I got 30 loops of 30 cm so I have one Loop 1 centimeter and it turns out that I have Now you need 60 loops dial and all I calculated for a himself survived his case too, when the tie sample do
  • 11:00: calculation of their under image slouch measured in how much is your sample width So I typed 30 loops and me 30 centimeters in width It was my sample the same thing you have to dial 30 loops and 40 it means look how much is in the width of your sample and will need to be 30
  • 11:31: centimeters to share your loop and see as one centimeter of loops how much you will then take Head circumference let each it is at its someone 55 and someone 60 and someone 57 head circumference add on 23 centimeters in my the case of a circle my head 57
  • 12:00: centimeters and I added 3 obtained centimeter here you too, can either not allow any add it already your but I would advise at least one two centimeter add here and then it means you are the suppose Example 60 centimeters multiply its the number of loops which you It happened after measurement and you
  • 12:32: divided how much you have in the loop one centimeter and you get it the number of loops that you need will dial your cardigan after you will gain the necessary quantity loops you should example of this is how I He told me 60 loops you suit
  • 13:00: 120 120 loops you divide 3 you get to 40 and those here on business because my principle if you want to be more depth before was then you should give more loops on if you want to that is not very depth means you must allocate loop so here at this point, taking into account strips was less loops have some my
  • 13:30: case, as it did I have something I a bit empty thinking ahead loops I told means so that you It will be appreciated if Suddenly you do not You understand not understand something is true and ask questions and comments, and how
  • 14:00: I always give ssylochki ssylochki I've got where glomeruli me and you You see there are small icons with glasses Clicking on this, and icons point each opened or contact reference is my page contact or Classmates and I Can more detail tell you if something you do not understand there but I think that
  • 14:33: there is nothing complicated no and if you say something I have missed I advise you again scroll and see my calculations and compare with his I'm well, I hope that something few will issues although you just all Well the same is here that and now we must move on the practical part