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Pith compensators. The best option of joining of a tile and laminate!  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello Friends you as always xander Smulian today let's talk about one of the options like organize joint two floor This laminate coatings and tiles In general, this theme docking of two Flooring is not it is important that this tile tile tile laminate laminate laminate different shades of over the carpet like this organize
  • 00:30: cool, but from the simple banal and sills Drill a hole in the the floor and screws through the nut fasten there porozhki multilevel to dignify speak there is a floor coating lie in different levels one option here on an example of how you look at me looked past video using aluminum powder coated flexible nut organized a joint in one plane of the laminate and tiles as the present
  • 01:00: I want to tell you about cork topic capacitor today's video this cork capacitors that of it represents suberic this compensator Tube carriage thickness 7 height 15 mm single 900 mm millimeters one end of the cork compensator covered special paint polyurethane finish water-based number of colors Colors are very extensive cork capacitors ie
  • 01:31: always possible choose the desired hue joint organization two different floor coverings if it is in one plane let's say in two words cork capacitor It allows you to fill between the two seam floor It covers not only remember it Well, make it not particularly whipping because in the eyes plug in this compensator why only 7 millimeters reasonable one may ask why I'm not here
  • 02:01: used because yes that everything is corny it's just an entrance We come from the street many sand shoes I mean soles how not wipe on ladder platform here often go on wear resistance metal Saddle better this time Secondly as soon as compensators long manufactured 900 millimeters of whether on our bending line time 44 meter 2 centimeters us as at least 20 were to be resolved, together with perform customer hallway dock
  • 02:31: two floor coatings using aluminum docking at Nut now tell how plug and use compensator let's say so this is not an example of my work is an example of booth manufacturers data cork capacitors as It looks parquet cork board tile compensator such claims edge 2 conjugating camping surface must It is treated exactly if parquet
  • 03:02: flooring laminate edge should not be only Grind smoothly and handle but still imbued with any means of defense penetration of moisture our coverage of the new tile respectively specks should be if the cut edge must be well processed polished if it is not sliced edge of the factory margin usually flat like this is It looks at the stand Factory Now we own hands made it same on
  • 03:32: particular site somehow kitchen Now hallway Getting Started directly to installation of flexible tube condensers first of all choose suberic color compensator all of that over suitable chosen compensator the desired color pruned it height reduced height because laminate have 12 meters substrate too It takes some some height cropped so short that was on a par with laminate and the length and will continue
  • 04:02: to lay tile course tile layer adhesive to be higher it was all in one in one plane level to nut paste us required construction adhesive for heavy-duty gluing of cork capacitors say so to secure it and require sealant acrylic-based plastic elastic sealant Why sealant you need not not grind rasp laminate floorboard
  • 04:32: covered with cork no matter what anyway a gap somewhere will not quite perfect even the use of take to we kill sulfur, two birds additionally protect knitted edge laminate under moisture and at the same time we do not fill painted and that were formed during you should be washed down Of course we select for color sealant where you can buy cork compensators residents Ukraine may buy it
  • 05:02: Kiev going to the tube site cues well and also link in the description of the video I recommend to all strongly just watch the video and read the text information before by video can be find too many useful information now begin directly to mounting Refill construction adhesive already liquid nails in gun but seung ri than attempting to install
  • 05:34: cork compensators very it is important to very important note glued edge plan for the park is floorboard along the seam where will be located cork compiler I have glue applied But on this strip on the world of the anchorages for to you on tightly pressed in this place after smearing glue put some weight Now take directly short compensator edge we missed angle until the end of time do not let down until
  • 06:05: all of it is produced together with the laying tiles like this She clung tightly changed driver sealant gun Parquet for wood elastic sealant acrylic-based a couple of layout unbent and fill that gives us a sealant and glue and seal weld there we protect laminate, cut edge from exposure
  • 06:35: external factors environment this moisture is mainly Now take but soaked Cup vodichku children with a and remove excess sealant then you can wipe dry twigs suberic compensator recorded me on there and proceed to tiling small on the retreat tiles tiles granite size of 150 to 600 millimeters customer
  • 07:05: wanted on an area 10 square meters put all this surface of such Why tile mold 5 types of flowers and not just as I would like to put something so that there is 30 per cent one color 20 The other 15 3 and so on . produced layout reeling works pile piled all how we will proceed to tile laying and we izvedet track Webcam spread after you laying year we need to be
  • 07:36: level height laminate dropped main tile girls millimeter Bunin move with tiles evening greater when the floor I check here as well but how we go to the best tonic to comb six We went to fuck Fink level check tile will be laid in Extension liquid are required to the game is to get used to about point compensator
  • 08:06: prepared in advance cut tiles on when the electric cut and the edges are processed corny sand paper a piece of emery paper so it looks power Tile cut edge treated tiles Flask has on life asked Flask We insert our support where the support base will be inserted special wedge pliers and will displayed in tiles one plane as long as we need to the first place lay all around
  • 08:36: thresholds in steps will tile spread the the moment we are interested in quickly put the tiles that will be dock with cork capacitor using special pliers we press our tiles wedge is clear that it turns out there is exactly no difference to joints than good this system due to the width Cleaner not necessary use them
  • 09:06: a large number have We have no typewriters are not differences here we have the level of so you wonder you go thanks to this system, the entire plane It will be in the same level lay out the main adjacent tiles missing cup sugar and then you can continue lay out smooth fade food and this is how in the end looks established suberic compensator between tiles in the kitchen and laminate flooring in the hallway financial costs and
  • 09:36: great and labor costs quite minimum principal singularity at installing cork Cortez is taro laminate planks and floorboard Tube should be glued along the line installation timid capacitors cut edge parquet coils floorboard I should be I should remind necessarily drunken any means for protection against ingress Moisture is here Key Features
  • 10:07: what to look for Attention anyone there insuperable desire to make installation of cork compensator in this thanks for all attention to you as Alexander has always been Smolin subscribe to my channel