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The verb to be in English. Is form. Grammar. English for beginners.  See details »

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  • 00:15: Good day my dear disciple with you Stefan Dmitry M. creator and host my project tutor English chat I now invite you a small lesson
  • 00:30: which enables you today right in process of learning this lesson together with me acquire confidence in their Forces this lesson dedicated to the king English verbs verb from you I I learned to be deals with the verb as normal narrative and negative and also question
  • 01:00: and so get to know king English verbs verb to be a piece of the I do not accidentally I mentioned before verb beat because English language before all verbs in undefined form we put the piece and we It turned out to be a verb to be can be translated three ways that there has three value of the first
  • 01:31: be someone for example be second teacher be something for example be animals and the third be somewhere for example be in the Moscow at the verb to be There are three forms ie it can take 3 guises I'll touch on Only one formula This form of in
  • 02:01: English in offer use strict word order so for example, in narrative in the first sentence the place is always worth to be the second predicate third addition before nouns that can be count and that we use in the first time we put uncertain article and for example if we
  • 02:30: We want to say a word teacher and mention teacher words first time we pronounce in English Thatcher, now we you have all components to together to make simple sentence narrative proposal using verb to be like us you must say Sergei He is a teacher
  • 03:01: remembering that English we we use strict order of the words we Sergei recite from and Thatcher in the sentence, Sergei and it is subject to It comes first words from a predicate stands on second place and the words and Thatcher stands on third place It is complementary
  • 03:31: to us make negative proposal that of Russian sounds Sergey is not teacher after the verb of us We put a piece of not to happen is not It is not so , the proposal Sergey is not teacher will sound in English Sergey is not so and you Th now let compose
  • 04:00: interrogative offer for to make interrogative proposal using verb hold we have the verb you will take the form of of set ourselves subject that is before the word and Sergey the result is on whether Russian Sergey teacher at English from sergey vitalich about as you can see everything very simple and so Sergei
  • 04:33: He is a teacher Sergey from Thatcher Sergey is not teacher of Sergey night and you Th is Whether a teacher of Sergey Sergey is on lecho This is our small lesson dedicated verb to be and ends Now let me
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  • 05:30: Training on this I great finish thank you for your attention to the meeting on the pages of my site