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Prisadochno-sverlilnoye adaptation from a drill (Drill press jig)  See details »

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  • 00:00: all a good day this video will treat with a plot of its cycle mobile folding desktop, but if To be precise all that As for the amendments and well, or improvements here adaptation that before you who have not seen how this design It is working on it capable I link to you but I will throw off if it is brief It allows to adapt
  • 00:31: your usual electron electrical manual planer turn it into a mini jointer which gives opportunity process not only Russian a small section to 100 millimeters but also wide plank width even this table Such are the wooden shields following device will a little different character which gives opportunity silver-plate already the ends of the boards or
  • 01:02: boards of any length Well, according to side it looks already late Dr. ie regular board of b flashlight and so on method of fixing the same as that of the planer one locking bolt fixed 2 It is in phase for height adjustment Well, of course there is still one moment
  • 01:32: there you must be available rack for drill she may be absolutely any such as any firm any design their fix in but think of the horrors I did put on screws very simple hole to exit drill puts even 1 damage hat
  • 02:02: can be here this here to fix He did not go already We supply one for adjustment of height and more one thing that's peculiar filler It does not prevent may be here mini jointer here well and just around contour became necessary any stick round
  • 02:32: adaptation put grinding some device there yet not come up We assume here We tried to bar further We've been here drill by dowels one detail and a second side We are going around the table and begin to build well, let's show how it works for former review
  • 03:03: construction with long word, and the edge so after leave us scolded the right amount goods for necessary for you project and by planing proceed to markup accordingly you we We divided into two half of one part Busik other part leaving on one side bars we Drilling ends at But in another part of the this plane markup to do ends not necessarily all enough to and one end ubrus
  • 03:33: to us find adjust drill on it that is It is the center and We note the brink we must advance know what will up court dowels eight dozen to a little slide open received more to leave deleted split layout translate here all on one edge Now this union
  • 04:03: we markup necessary in order to all the remaining bars 2 head already noted here if it is necessary in the middle We note here after it is at the edges puts forth here set hard in a hole under the gamer rus I use top ten since I have a dozen boring machine
  • 04:34: usually the top wood insert the tree all we adaptation free runs and up horizontally after being hit by drill center fix
  • 05:04: adaptation drilling on the back side occurs specular reflection respectively for reliability throws clamps then avoid
  • 05:41: cheese deviation Now we find the length half of the dowel and the target to have five we need centimeters but two and a half take a little longer somewhere 2 and 6, 2 and 7 can be small fitting
  • 06:18: visual look that the drill does not go then that is the stock in We still have a One more thing, and I want
  • 07:16: can be seen pushing to drill drill directly to or stop flip on this side lock the desired drill length and pushing already very Now the workpiece to make us opening here on this the plane where we that mark the edges here or in the center we need to set label take
  • 07:47: ordinary masking tape and set corner We are putting forward Drill tip and it is already causing mark here we
  • 08:22: to focus on her And now combine
  • 09:18: two parts and let us once again
  • 09:52: Naquin we will see their salad course I still drill undermine it normally it happens here it is not tricky
  • 10:23: extension adds another opportunity to this table to learn I have a set-top box grinder so if you interesting subscribe until