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  • 00:00: Hello dear member online training fortnight individual Pattern basis for tailoring any dresses we are glad welcome you we begin our Complex tasks and Today we start with removal of measures so many yardsticks which Well for all to build the pattern of any products need of course take your measurements for to make sure
  • 00:32: article we will shoot 22 two measurements Then when you have learn to do you can lower and shoot but now here to build this precisely by removal of measures It depends on what you have what will you will design so that to please this should be taken we carefully proceed to the first Specifying the first the task we will Removing removal yardsticks yardsticks as we have spoke to them will be 22 things and to begin first
  • 01:03: assignment you must prepare The following materials it will rule tape measure rezinochka what rezinochku details to fix fix Kalita a piece of paper for record your measurement but certainly handle good mood partner to partner a must for to shoot measurements we need
  • 01:33: necessarily fix the waist waistline's take gum and tying and the hole is not this way Now that it is precisely so that's already here and starting to shoot measurements first measurements Here it is necessary to be removed so probably become darn early on so so that it was visible so customers should people whom you
  • 02:03: You will take measurements it is necessary that he stood to you will be the first measurements are taken so shelves grip neck It passes through the base neck from the seventh cervical vertebra to jugular notch and that's record yes yes yes that's it jugular notch and recorded in half size you not to share this is now my 46 we just immediately take centimeter bend, see which is half
  • 02:34: so there is not considered and 23's record poluobhvat neck my 23 centimeters more sexes in the breast the first ply chest 1 removed the ledges blades tape measure Just above the line breasts above the line breasts first and also removed recorded half of a small business half now I have here 100 It means 50 and write 50 write half the amount can be too
  • 03:04: bend so now especially here some ability may consider such Here, and especially in a child, I remembered to it's taken and then all went too on top of and in the other 2 he removed by here on already bulging at the Mammary glands lived I see him and not from tight or loose Thumb always everywhere need for a patch I passed and everything here please 105 fifty-two and five and
  • 03:35: the same can also written as 52 and 5 it defines product size then grabbed the sexes through the waist is also take centimeter tape to where gum substitute measuring tape But if God is the customer some start shoot it presses free just figure should be relaxed because then what can be
  • 04:05: is inaccurate and We write too half of 45 6 floors, and so on hips by projecting points buttocks and convex But if you have the stomach wow little here and so like if You performed here It can be here and so it is when push little to centimeter even here we do not have this is nothing act as
  • 04:35: animals Well, at least there for freer yes but then desirable when you the boat has a skirt do not directly already there is a need to somehow so 55 is now like this Now we turn to pick We were beginning to be seen here's side, we need to we starting to shoot shoulder length length shoulder from the base neck to a higher water endpoint shoulder seam here so here you can always enclose because this is the hand you taller then if we are on it
  • 05:06: take off here's a narrow 15 centimeters lined finger up Thumb else do you know this is well, that's like this yes that's accurate until it is then already in another it only now just Lining so 15 centimeters then write on shoulder width recorded or shoulder length here Mirko will heavens can not be recorded divided on the length arm's length I was a little sleeve bend sleeve a wee bit
  • 05:36: hand and you can immediately firstly how we if you need length you need to you can immediately remove two Merkel even three say if you have a short right sleeve mark What will be the length short sleeves on line here elbows and now her lessons I also be noted so you do not look for when the enterprise diligence and sleeves What Length Length pro can be hand You have three-quarters He will hand in the general What you need a long sleeve a small shoot
  • 06:07: until 3 . and a bottom product yes yes both to the bottom if it is here that It is meant here and We write this here remove cute nothing I not remembered so at I've got length length of the elbow 34 will remove and the short fix so in 2534 and 62 just three write down in 2534
  • 06:41: 62 and immediately remove shoulder girth's hand hands are different We are therefore needed necessarily girth Now this hand and also he can not freely but Thumb substitute also write fully 33 centimeters so girth hands 33 centimeters here Please have this Now removed
  • 07:12: turn we turn will withdraw from the back and that's so it was not me they not closed then and will also write here half the width of the back we shoot on convex. Now these blades We can clearly imagine here so here is how hold as the two vertical line because Tony here clearly visible and shoulders
  • 07:42: It is such here figures that there is not even defined somewhere some kind of doll it all back so here's how I would be so visually Statement conduct diagonal the vertical same Vernet and from point to point here 40 centimeters just divide in half 20 to write yes yes yes yes yes yes so record 20 half width back here this shoulder bushel
  • 08:12: Actually, I never it not rented but for accuracy you can still here here here we are now at blades and filmed Now shoulders to broad shoulders, too well, how do not wider at least here Now 42 those. there will be 42, too half of the length 21 back down to the waistline so take from but still let's just so
  • 08:43: then less than we were here's another substitute line substitute ticker yes it to We ford armhole to determine the length back down to the waistline It can be from the seventh cervical vertebra take your measurements do not have let's just from from the base of the neck base of the neck shoot length at the back to waist line length back down to the waistline waist up here and We write but there is see that the shoulder clearly Well that's how it would
  • 09:13: meaning it does not advance went here it Dress a little seam ago, so I'm just a little out I take and that's write this yardstick 44 there is no longer anything divided measurements are written in this already full up which removes 40 hours depth understand why line here is See how you can remove deep armholes from the base to take this on targets
  • 09:43: line or what there is heavy paper and we remove this yardstick Here we have it it turns 19 centimeters, too record 19 centimeters so completely nothing yet we immediately even as it checking the height of book that is, here we are on this line check again here here, too, to the waist and We write it in 20 cm height
  • 10:14: letters on oblique shoulder height it is removed from the But from the back center back to the center and the end of the shoulder cut Here it is necessary to that we may properly Now determine the slope shoulder seam cut it's like that and shoot as 43 the height of the back shoulder 47 duck's back with us Now all
  • 10:45: unfold Conversely forward leads account for three times begin to turn take off breast half width width the first half of the breast chest first width half the width of the breast 1 is removed above here breast line the top and too divided half here it is 37 know the half of 18
  • 11:16: writes recorded half size not on the cushion have we here it that's where from the base like shoulder over there we are at the back so as will be made vertical performed and here's one sang and Now we need to chest width breast half width here it is the second this is the hand is removed omitted here it armpit diagonal anywhere where a hand is not rather, this cm not shove but from this place and that's before
  • 11:46: this place well, that is, Now and then again too as well as to vertical held here from and these, too, recorded in half size here we mean 51 twenty-five and five twenty-five and five yet we need to remove Find the center of the bust there's a bust of different are located in breast in different First we need to price on the chest to find
  • 12:16: the fact that if we relief and then to do tuck it we You need to know where it is everything is here breast center it is so center breast We write yes there can be full written as 22 now we centimeters need breast height height chest here remove a bushel breast height from neck base to
  • 12:46: chest to the center of the chest and you can write even once Here yardstick removal simultaneously to Glen height before long whether that's to front breast height and length whether before not taking centimeters more accurately means then we will have 36 and then we will have 48 so the breast height is 36
  • 13:16: but the length is not before the next measurement that's right 48 Well so we do not it's not twist once again so the length of the customer middle before long middle forehand is you can here from Lena and recesses property trends it is as a screening I can even measure it I also rented, and that's only then do not shoot but Now you can shoot up waist here it is 37 centimeters, too
  • 13:46: write it 37 thirty centimeters seven centimeters shoulder height before shoulder height before shoulder height before Now it is removed such oblique height forehand from the shoulder the base is the end rather shoulder shoulder and center breast this is also to that is right us build a pattern here with us 32 centimeter
  • 14:17: recorded in full 32 cm length and all Length of the product if we removed can not even now twist and fully just take us to waist there is little world and But from the waist us remove what we Well you need a length let's knee can someone Floor what you need to like this Here we take 64 cm 64 cm's all all twenty measurements
  • 14:47: two measurements that we will apply at here Now under construction this figure wears