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  • 00:00: Hello again my family favorite subscribers viewers Now we will prepare a mask that will rejuvenate at least 10 years if you have take it at least even a few times first time you see, I took 100 milliliters of milk It can be a little bit here on lights I want it but to boil I need this good teaspoon with slide starch we it will brew
  • 00:32: I already heated milk Get enough sleep here starch and of course will be to Boiling it all while stirring because we know that can not be red Pour boiling it will be phased out tanks so big I'll boil up speak only I will heheh I brew immediately and will disable it like this Here we agitation
  • 01:03: expect that the foam blocks and periodically stops you are welcome sure if you You will not stir Well, who does not have experience for simple jam even this will be jelly as it can already call me thickens and I can fire clean because I have such a glass pan that further continues warm here at I see what We get such
  • 01:33: weight it is soft it just so good as we do not need use for masochki it will have we base face mask to tea and I will be the same on cooling will send continue for cooking masochki we still we need brewed starch Milk is good quality of the market which
  • 02:03: really real sure to now we olive oil, we add a teaspoon spoon and will add grind morkovochki specially laid piece'll clean before labor on small Tyr teaspoon of juice carrots and we attar see hurt so fix it and various oils have you can pick up his flavor essential oil we add stand
  • 02:33: the aim that we have muscle relaxation and so that we can succumb to impact of this masks and the mask will have saturate with moisture skin significantly straighten align hide your but apart from all the wrinkles of super lifting lift your whole face contours us all whales nourish because morkovochkoy knives
  • 03:04: vitamin h is we We know and it is very medicinally useful for skin cells for it Theodor Piderit for the same high great We treat vitamin our olive oil and also vitamin E and now This composition we brewed boy he will give a jelly soft and elasticity we continue to do masochku pour olive oil
  • 03:34: teaspoon tea spoon we enough maslichko patchouli him I have essential oil please two or three 4 drops turned quite enough you can from 2 to 5 drops and it will be fine because each have their own please taste fragrant take I have it on morkovochka
  • 04:04: bintik on marlechku but Luba have rubbed and we what we are doing here is juice teaspoon of good because we need vitamin it masochka we It is not even one day she will have three days it is possible to cook because You also mention the milk boiled, and now we just all We mix all the same it will begin
  • 04:35: interrupt stir and then we will have Exposure my family masochka ready by a warm pleasant slightly apricot color It will rejuvenate nourish your skin macro trace elements and vitamins it It makes your skin produce Collagen is a very it is important to me firstly it still nourish moisturize every cell in your skin moisture Vodicka
  • 05:06: so to say, and more you pull it contours significantly person would notice it even with the first mask but after the third generally come in delight but if you make 8 10 masks once a week You will later make a Today is the first day you and then in the terrace four days will ok so we do two weeks and then 1 week and you
  • 05:36: see that you significantly changed rejuvenated bulls wrinkles somewhere disappeared and accurately you ask your friends pals at what you It was a beautician and a not saying goodbye to you, I I speak until subscribe to my Channel place husky forever young